The Elves of Aygernesse

By Ember


This is going to be something of an anthology, of short stories about my new idea. See, sometimes, you get this wonderful idea, but you're already working on seven or eight other things at once, and it gets kind of hard. So, instead of another novel, I'm making this into a collection of shorts, and then I can make a novel later if I choose.

The basic plot. A sentient diamond named Aygernesse (Ai JER knees) controls the world- the soil, the minerals, the life of the plants and animals that live and grow on it. Unfortuantly, a series of meteor showers forced the fist-sized jewel from it's lava-guarded home at the center of earth, and cracked through the oily rock that encased it. Now more than half exposed, the vulnerable jem fell into unlikely hands.

The elves, human-like creatures with prehensile, furrless tails and the size of the fingernail on a adult little finger, find themselves the guardians of this all-important jewel, and must protect it at all costs.

Unfortuantly, when you're less than half an inch tall, you can encounter problems. And if the humans or ever-wary wolves find Aygernesse, the world could suffer at their hands. Luckily, they aren't alone- a massive millepede, named Jormungandr, hoardes of tamed and trained bugs, and the sentient jewel itself are all behind the elves.

Well- that's all, really. I hope you like it! Please review, because I live off your feedback, and you don't want the blood of a little girl on your hands, do you?

Warnings: Note: Additional warnings may be found in the stories that contain them.

These following stories may contain profanity, violence, crude humor and homosexual content.

The Elves of Aygernesse and all stories, characters and noneixistant logos are copyright to me, Ember, and may not be used or distributed without my express writen permission. Copyright 2004