liquid sadness rains in torrents from the safety of a chill dawn
echoing with loneliness against clear glass, separating bitter winds from glowing lights
yet even the comforting blaze of flame could do nothing to ease my sorrow
on this frigid night when darkness creeps to blot out hope and faith
surrounded by the protection of my snug and captivating bed
though nothing of this world could calm me in my depression
when my body aches in complete despair at the emptiness resulting from your absence
and my heart cries out in vain for the warmth of your touch and the love of your gaze
my wants cannot be satisfied, leaving me in pain for another second, hour, day
in which restless sleep can do nothing to relax me or ease the turmoil of my mind
when all that occur are more dreams of you and only you
blissful fantasies that allow me to escape, only to leave me to wake feeling ever more alone
and my tears will rival those of the heavens pounding in the night