You stand there so still, in the middle of a field of dreams,
With not a clue of what was being seen.
Through your own two eyes,
You see the world and yourself,
Turning away and going blank.
As if something you knew was going to take its course.
Leaving our once beautiful Earth dry and hoarse.
The sparkling ocean and shimmering lake,
Would be gone, with nothing to take its place.
The tall, majestic trees would fall to the ground,
Along with the animals who were once strong and proud.
And everything else would follow after that,
Leaving its power to two little hands,
That would change what they had done to the earth.
So that everything would be brought back for all they are worth.
Then you blink.
And your vision is complete
You now know that it is your job to protect and keep
Our earth so that it won't be destroyed
From the people who lived on her for so long
And that one day, you would accomplish your dream.
Sewing up all the damage, with just one little seam.