Chapter 2: Waking Up To Hear, "I Love You"

Elizabeth woke up the next morning and found herself still in Brian's arms. She gently lifted up Brian's arm and sat up on the bed. The clock read 9:47 am. She turned her head to the calendar just above the clock: Saturday morning. Elizabeth stood up and stretched a little. She placed her wavy blond hair was on one shoulder as she walked towards the window.

The ground was covered in a thin coating of snow; maybe about 5 inches. It was still cloudy and a few snow flakes continued to fall to the ground.

Elizabeth touched the glass window as she looked closer to the snow laying on the ground.

She stood there staring out the window and tried her to remember her dream. The only thing she could remember was that she and Brian were kissing passionately as the stood outside in the snow.

A warm hand reached from behind and onto her waist. Elizabeth held her breath for a moment. It was Brian who's hand was holding onto her. He was standing up right next to her looking out the window also.

"Isn't it beautiful, Liz?"

Elizabeth looked at Brian with her large green eyes.

~*~ Brian's view ~*~

Brian stared into Elizabeth's green eyes. She was so beautiful. "How had I never noticed how beautiful Liz was until now?" Brian thought to himself. Her green eyes and beautiful blond hair with her perfect figure also. He loved her as much as he had always loved her. But today...there was a different feeling in himself. He had an urge to just pull her close and kiss her on the lips. But he knew he couldn't...she was his sister! Brian couldn't take the urge anymore. He had to kiss her. It was a good opportunity anyways!

~*~ Elizabeth's view ~*~ Elizabeth continued to look deeply into Brian's eyes. He was so handsome and strong. And not to mention so caring and....just perfect! Elizabeth knew that she had always loved him more than a brother...but this time, she felt as if she should do something about her feelings for him. He was her brother...she knew that. But there was nothing that was going to stop her now.

~*~ Back to the more of their own views ~*~ Brian leaned in closer to Elizabeth until he reached her lips. He kissed her gently, then stood back up again. Elizabeth just stood there and watched Brian. Her eyes questioning why he just kissed her.

"I...I..." Brian said in an attempt to explain himself.

Elizabeth put her index finger up to Brian's lips.

"No need to explain, Brian. It's ok."

Brian nodded in understanding. She had liked that he had kissed her; he could tell. He blushed slightly as Elizabeth gazed into his eyes.

Elizabeth took her hand of the window and placed it onto his bare back. She pulled him closer to her until their lips met again. This time though, the kiss was longer. She pulled him closer to deepen the kiss and make it more passionate. He took both arms and hugs Elizabeth at her waist.

They let go of each other and just stared. Silence.

"What just happened, Liz?" Brian asked.

"I love you..." was Elizabeth's only response.

Brian just stared at her in astonishment. She had never said that to him.

"I love you too, Liz." Brian said to Elizabeth.

The house was quiet; there was no talking or movement anywhere inside.

Elizabeth let go of Brian's neck and in return he let go of her waist. She walked out the door and downstairs to the kitchen. There was a note. It said:

Brian, Dad, Stacy and I have to Grandma's house. We left early this morning because we are getting their house ready for a family party. Auntie June, Uncle Rob, April, Daniel and Amy will be at the party! And there will be more relatives, but I don't have the time to list the all out. Since Elizabeth was sleeping with you, we decided to let you drive over when you wake up. If you need anything, the phone number is on a sticky note near the phone. Hope you had a good night sleep and see you soon!
Love Always,

"Hey Brian! Mom, Dad and Stacy are at Grandma's!" Elizabeth yelled up the stairs. "Ok, just leave the note on the table so I can read it later!" Brian shouted back.

Elizabeth walked up the stairs to the bathroom. She stepped into the bathroom looking at the tile floor; it was cold. She began undressing as she looked at the tile. She was mumbling to herself. When she looked up, there was Brian standing and staring at her. Both of them was almost fully undressed. Elizabeth blushed and quickly turned away. "I'm sorry, Brian. I didn't know you were in here."

Brian smiled and said, "That's all right." He walked towards Elizabeth and placed one hand onto her shoulder. He turned her around and kissed her on the lips.

Elizabeth was staring to turn a bright red. She kissed him back and asked him, "So, who's going to shower first?"

Brian chuckled a little. His hands moved from her shoulder to her waist as he kissed her once again, but this time, deeper than ever.

Elizabeth couldn't believe it; she was kissing her own brother! He moved from her mouth down to her neck, kissing lightly and playfully. Elizabeth closed her eyes, but then everything stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was staring at her with a grin.

"Don't stop. Please." She responded in a mumble.

He took his hand from her waist and touched her cheek. He leaned closer to her ear and whispered, "Not now, Liz. You're not ready. Maybe tonight." Brian stood back up and looked down into Elizabeth's beautiful green eyes.

She nodded in understanding.

" can take a shower first. I'll be eating breakfast." Elizabeth responded to the silence.

She redressed herself and walked out the bathroom door, smiling. She thought to herself, "Tonight..." What did he mean by "You're not ready, maybe tonight"? She kept wondering as she walked down the stairs to the kitchen.