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Chapter 7: Snowball Fights


It filled the room and made everyone smile: from Brian to Elizabeth to Michael.

Michael was telling a story about his memories of sledding on hills and running into trees. It was funnier when he told the story, with his facial expressions and gestures; and not to mention his imitation of his grandfather yelling at him with his heavy German accent.

All grief and sorrow was forgotten during their feast: chicken, salad, soup, and etc. By the time they were done eating, everyone felt as though they had eaten a cow, or something even larger maybe.

"Wow, I feel like a balloon. Only thing is that I'm probably feel heavier than a balloon would feel," said Michael as Elizabeth and he walked out of the kitchen.

"Don't worry Liz! We can clean up everything without you! You can go watch MTV with Michael! Don't even lift a finger!" Brian yelled sarcastically at the two.

Elizabeth and Michael yelled back, "Alright!" in sync and then continued to walk.

"So, do you want to go outside? Maybe we could go down Devil's hill with all the other kids. I mean, Melissa is probably there." Elizabeth asked Michael. "Sure."

Elizabeth picked up her boot that was dripping with water from earlier and placed her foot into the cold boot. She put her gloves on her warm hands and grabbed her winter jacket from the closet and swung it over her sweater. Michael did the same.

The door swung open and the two walked outside onto the porch. The snow was still pure white, but she knew that the snow would soon be an unpleasant grayish/blackish color.

Michael exhaled and a cloud of smoke came rushing out of his mouth. He chuckled and turned to Elizabeth, who was staring at him.

"I'll race you there. To Devil's hill I mean." "You're on."

He jumped off the porch and ran as fast as he could towards the other side of the road. Elizabeth ran after him and was soon was tailgating him.

All of a sudden, something bitterly cold hit her in the neck. She screamed and turned around swiftly. The cold ice rushed down Elizabeth's neck as she screamed again.

At this time, Michael had been staring at Elizabeth, wondering why she was screaming.

"Brian!!!" She screamed in a squeaky voice.

She bent down and made a lumpy, malformed snowball and aimed it at Brian but missed. He threw another one, but had missed and hit Michael.

Michael ran behind a tree for protection and started making snowballs and a small fort.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was running head on at Brian, ready to tackle him to the ground. Brian, though, did not notice her rushing full speed at him.

When he finally looked up, she was too close for him to be able to move in time. She tackled him to the bed of snow.

She laid on top of Brian and started laughing. But Brian was just staring at her as she laughed. Elizabeth stopped and looked at Brian, wondering why he was staring at her intensely. He gazed into Elizabeth's beautiful green eyes.

Her wavy blond hair fell forward as she looked at him. Something kept her eyes glued onto him, but she wasn't sure. Something was drawing her forward. Closer and closer to his lips.

In the back, Michael turned around to see Elizabeth on top of Brian, not moving at all. He watched and wondered what was going on. But then he saw their heads getting nearer to one another's.