Behind the Garden Wall
by: Nocommonsense

A little girl on her daddy's knee
smiles for the world to see
after kindergarten graduation's done
she'll spend her summer having fun

By 5th grade, shes grown apart
she feels it in her secret heart
her friends avoid her all the time
beauty is her only crime

Junior high she finds friends, alot
who like violence and smoking pot
her dresses change from pink to black
It keeps getting harder to go back

High school is the worst of all
Seems people want to see her fall
She dyes her hair and cuts her skin
but even then she cannot win

Then one night she takes a gun
she'll never see the rising sun
That night she'll end it all
here behind the garden wall

Daddy cries and mourns her grave
grief and pain like a tidal wave
what happened to the smiling child
who sat on his knee and smiled?