Love's Truth

By: Broken

Written: July 20, 2003

Warning: Contains Sexual Content. Not for children.

Chapter One


I sat there in my blue school desk seat waiting for the teacher to stop lecturing on English verbs so that I could start on the work infront of me and not be rude. She continued her long sentences and phrases, not noticing as a new boy walked into the crowded classroom of room 832. "Mrs. Bush, there's someone to see you," a boy in the back declared.

Mrs. Bush nodded her big head and walked her bulky frame past the squished desks. I still don't know how she was able to fit through the small isles. She motioned for the brown haired, brown eyed boy to come see her at her desk. He handed her the full page pink card he was carrying. "Ok, what do you want to be called?"

"Scott," he said. He turned away from her and looked directly into my eyes as she wrote on her student handbook. He smiled slightly. I didn't do anything as I took in his appearance. A trench coat covered what he wore to school as normal clothes, a jean pant leg slightly showing from the bottom seam. His boots gleaming under the floresent lights that lit the room in a light glow just enough for us to see. I knew I was being rude as he still smiled at me, taking in my appearance as well.

My long blue dress, with fringes on the sleeves, hung down barely covering my legs since I was sitting. I positioned it better, so as not to look like a slut. I used one of my white sandeled feet scratch my leg as I watched what went on in the back of the class. The rest of the student body had started on the verbs worksheet, and I quickly relized this and turned around. I started on my white paper, trying my best to ignore the feeling of being watched.

"Sit there," the teacher said in her sweet voice. I didn't dare look to find where the handsom boy was going to be seated. I could look later, I decided. I worked on a couple of the problems easily, knowing that if I had it for homework that it would never be finished.

"Hey, can you help me?" a deep voice said from behind me. The calmness of the voice sent a shiver of fear and intrigue down my spine. I turned to see the new boy, Scott, sitting directly behind me in the wood desk with blue chair.

"What do you need assistence on?" I asked politely. I used as best the grammer and proper English I could. I don't know why I did it, but it seemed right at the time.

"Well, I need assistence on problem number three," he said in a mocking tone. He smiled at me again, this time more of a real smile. I didn't smile back. I didn't like his tone, his way of making fun of me. I quickly told him how to find out the answer, without giving it away; then turned back in my seat to finish. I hoped it was the last of him.

I continued on my worksheet, the time passing. I heard the bell ring, and was grateful. The only thing I had to worry about after English was my horrible World Maps class. I quickly packed up my things to get out of the room before the boy behind could. I hoped to all the gods that he didn't have the next class with me. I hurried out the door, set on getting away.

"Wait, please," the boy's deep voice called out as I made it into the hallway of the middle school. I turned to be polite, not wanting to pretend not to hear then have him try and turn me forcefully.

"Yes?" I asked. My blue eyes looking into his dark brown. He didn't smile this time, but rather just stood there for a second.

"I'm sorry I made fun of you. You're really smart," he complimented me.

Smart, yeah, so smart I fail, I thought. "Thank you," I said aloud. Nodding my head in thanks I turned on my heal and hurried out of the dark blue double doors. I didn't go directly to my next class, but rather turned into the girls bathroom. I chose one of the many stalls and went inside. Closing the door and looked at my hands and felt the tears start flowing.

"He called you smart," a small female voice said, trying to comfort me.

"April, he didn't mean it. He doesn't know me," I answered the friend who now stood on the opposite side of the stall doors.

"What if he did?" she asked.

"He didn't. He doesn't know that everyone hates me. That my only friend is you," I said. More tears fell down, memories flowing freely of past hurts. Of no friends over so many years.

"Kana, class is going to start soon. You don't want to be late," April said through the door.

"I know," I said back. I opened the stall door. No one stood there. No one in the whole bathroom, but the door had never opened. I washed my face and looked into the mirror. I saw another girl in the bathroom standing next to me. She had long blonde hair, and bright green eyes. Her hight was slightly taller then me and she wore a sad smile. "Thanks April," I said to the girl. She nodded.

I turned away, knowing full well that I could only see her in the mirror. I could only hear her. No one knew she existed. If she even existed. I opened the silver bathroom door and walked into the hallway that was thinning of the many students getting to class. I hurried down two doors and went into another crowded room.

A dark woman stood in the front of the class. Her rough edged writting was dotted on the new white boards as she slowly waited for the class to all come in. The last bell rang, signalling that all other students out of class were late and subjegated to a detention. She cleared her throat, he whole extra slim body shaking with the force. Her dark rose colored shirt moving slightly, and her bell bottom pants seam moved against the floor, covering her high heals. "Now class, settle on down," she said in a southern Louisiana accent.

I started to take out my notes, and was glad when the boy never showed up into the class.


I walked into the silent house and quietly moved down the narrow white walled hall to get to my room. Opening my door with just a push, I placed my book pack on the floor next to my window across from my door. I sighed as I layed on the bed. "I don't know what makes life so hard," I said to no one in perticular.

"Maybe it's just suppose to be that way," April answered back. I nodded to the empty room, the invisible girl sighed audibly. "Maybe if I..."

"Don't say it," I interupted. I shook my head to loose thoughts I didn't want nor needed.

"Sorry, I know, touchy subject," April appologized.

"Then drop it!" I whispered with venom. I held my hand out to stop her from talking and listened to the bedrooms on both sides of mine. I could hear my father snooring in the bedroom on the left, and my mother shifting in her bed in the room on the right. "They're still sleeping," I sighed in relief.

"I couldn't wake them even if I wanted to," she said sadly.

"Do we have to talk about this? Can't I just take a small nap first and get rid of the school day?" I asked her.

"Sure, I'll watch," she answered back.

"Thanks," I said and turned onto my side to face the door. My hand automatically went under the pillow, my fist grasping the wonderfully marked dagger hidden under it.


"Kana!" a voice called to me in from the darkness. "Kanashii, wake up! He's awake!"

"Hm?" I asked. I opened my eyes and went into a fetal position at the sight I saw. "No, dad, wait, I didn't..."

"Shut up! Shut up! You know you did it!" he yelled at me. I shook my head in fear and denial. "Stop it and face the truth!"

I watched as his equally blue eyes bore into mine. His full of rage, mine full of fear. I huddled into myself, hoping that I could take the courage to pull the dagger on him. He ran his hand through his brown hair. Then he leaned down and grabbed my ebony locks and pulled me up from laying down to sitting. "Why!? Why did you do it?"

"I...I...don't know what I did!" I yelled at him.

"Don't yell at me!" He screamed. "And you know what you did!" I tried to shake my head again, to defend myself. I took in his naked upper body and his boxer plaid pants. He just woke up, I relized. So what could I've done?

"I don't know," I said in a whisper. A silent tear fell down my face from the pulling he was still doing on my scalp.

"Then I'll show you!" he yelled again. A headache started to arise at the top of my head as he pulled me off my bed, out the bedroom door that held no handle, and out into the hall. We made it past my older sister's room and into the livingroom. There I stumbled on a dog bone, and knew my foot had been cut. I didn't cry out though, not wanting to get into more trouble. "This!" he yelled as he threw a leather strap at me. I reconized it as his belt. The one thing that he always hit me with. The thing I had hid from him the day before. I had hid it in the oven, and it was hot. The heat burned into my arm as he set it against me. I still didn't cry out, and I tried to hold the tears that were allready falling, back.

"I didn't," I lied. I knew he must have turned on the oven and smelt it. Then in a rush to retrieve it, he had burned his hand. Now the leather was burning a scar on my arm. After this day I would have to wear longer sleeves and have mom make me new dresses to cover the scar that would wrap like a snake around my arm. I don't want this anymore, I thought.

"Live through it just a little longer," April tried to comfort me from behind him. I could see her this time though, and she had a face of knowing.

Just a little longer, I told myself as my father continued to beat me on the legs with the hot branding belt.

---To Be Continued---