Love's Truth

By: Broken


Warning: Contains Sexual Content. Not suitable for children.

Chapter Three


I sat in the chair right infront of him. I knew he was there, I couldn't be totally distracted from his fingers running through my hair. What he had made me do, made me feel sick as I thought about it. I took a quick glance at my watch. 'Five more minutes,' I thought.

"You're being jumpy today," April said from the empty seat beside me. I looked at her, fear showing clearly in my eyes as I felt his fingers run the knots out of my long hair.

"Help me," I mouthed to her. She looked at me like I was crazy. I mouthed it again. "Please?" She nodded and stood up. Walking casually to the teachers desk, she picked up a pen. It disapeared immediatly when she touched it. Walking back to me, she, unseen by Scott, placed it on his desk. Then she pushed the desk behind him, making the kid, who was sleeping, fall out of the desk onto the floor. Everyone started to laugh. Scott turned around to find what had happened. I sighed with relief and smiled at April. The fear gone, for now.

The teacher stood up to see what had happened and walked to the young boy. "Aarron, that was quite stupid of you," she said. She sighed, and her gaze fell upon Scott's desk. She noticed the expensive pen she had bought while in tour in Europe. "Scott. You stole my pen?"

"Huh?" he looked at the pen and picked it up. "No, I didn't. I don't know how it got here," he said truthfully.

"Tell that to the dean. Go on, be on your way," she pointed to the door. He packed his things, and 'accidently' leaned towards me.

"I'll be at your house later," he whispered to me. I gulped, but didn't acknowlege that I had heard him.

I kept the whimper and cold that had suddenly wanted to take over my body. My stomach twisted. Pain, again the pain was there in my stomach. I felt like puking. Like everything inside me was going to die, and come up through my mouth. I rose my hand. "Mrs. Bush?"

"Yes?" the teacher replied.

"I don't feel good. Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. She nodded. I ran out of the room and down the hall. I held what I knew was inevidable. The bile rose, right when I came into the bathroom. I pushed open the stall door and kneeled down. My breakfast came up. Tasting it wasn't the best thing the first time, but I didn't like it even more when it back up. I could feel the burning of stomach acid. And I let tears fall.

The bathroom door didn't open, but I could feel as April came through it. "Oh, are you ok?" she asked as she kneeled down and held my hair out of my face so I wouldn't get sick on it. She petted my head. "Done?"

I shook my head and threw up again. I let more tears fall. My stomach tensed and sqeezed, but I had left everything in the toilet. "Why me?" I asked. But I wasn't talking about the sickness that had suddenly taken over me. I was talking about what had happened to me. What my love, my boyfriend, had done. Even now, after that, I knew I had agreed. I had said it was all right. Even a sin as big as that couldn't be taken as rape. No one can rape the willing. And she had been willing, at least she had said she was willing. Her head swimmed and she felt like curling up in a ball and crying herself to sleep. If her father ever found out what she had done...She didn't know she had any left, but she again puked into the white toilet.

"Kana, what's wrong? What hurts?" she asked. April kept pulled my hair gently from the toilet seat. "What happened? You were fine this morning. And you looked so scared in class."

I breathed in the foul smelling scent of the bile, and gagged. I pulled away and flushed the toilet. The smell left a lot, but a little still lingered in the air. I choked in some more air, and let more tears fall. "I'm fine," I lied. Once again I was a lier. But I couldn't tell April. I had made her stay home that day. I had told her I would be fine. I had said I wanted to go on a date unchaperoned. My big mistake. I was at fault. And it hurt. It hurt more then my father hitting me. It hurt a lot. "I just don't feel good. I want to go home."


I lay in my bed thanking God for my sister. She had picked me up from school. She didn't like me, but someone had to get me. I had thrown up. They can't even let me stay in school because I was contagious. Well, I thought I was contagious. 'Could I be pregnant?' I thought. I groaned as I sat up and went to one of my desk drawers. I opened the second drawer and grabbed the third book. I looked at the cover, "Babies and You." My mother had given it to me. She had told me to read it when I was older. When I was old enough to marry and have children. I was old enough to have a child, but only in body. I went back to my bed and opened up to the index. Looking up when I would be able to tell when I was pregnant. "A month into the pregnancy signs would be missing your menstral cycle. Then the doctor would be able to see signs in your blood stream. Morning sickness comes halfway through the second month." Then I wasn't pregnant. At least not yet known if I was. It had only been three days. I wouldn't be able to know yet. I sighed my relief. I was only sick. And sick ment that he couldn't come over today. I layed back and placed the book on my nightstand. Closing my eyes, I willed myself into a sleep that would be woken up by any little sound. My father still had yet to come home from work, or the bar.


He didn't come over like he had said he would. I was glad and the next day I was back in school. Sitting in class I waited for him to come through the door. He didn't. Half of me was worried something had happened to him, the other half was more then welcoming the harshness of the world on him. I was more then forgiving though. It wasn't his fault I was vanurable. Nothing was his fault. I shouldn't have agreed to love him. I should have stayed away from loving him. My heart beat slowed as I thought about possibly having sex again with him. Did I want to? Was it really how to show that you love someone? I loved him, no matter what he did. I had said that before he had broken me. It's true. I did. I would always, no matter what.

He didn't come into the class room. I didn't see him all day. No one had said anything about him being RPCed or having InHouse. He just was absent. I made up my mind. I wouldn't have sex with him again, but I would allow him to touch me. He just couldn't enter again. No. I loved him. I was just going to have a backbone this time. If I ever saw him again.


"It's finals and he still isn't in school. April, where is he? He doesn't call, doesn't stop by, and hasn't been in school!" I was freaking. It had been two months and he had disapeared right off the planet. I had tried his emergency contact when I had hacked into the school systems just for it. But they couldn't tell me where he was. No one knew even where he lived. And all he had ever told me was that he lived far from the school.

April nodded, "I know. Calm down. I'm sure he's fine. He might just have moved unexpectantly. Don't worry. He'll get in touch with you soon."

I nodded. She was right. He wouldn't have sex with me, promise me to come back, then disapear. He wouldn't do that, he loved me. He did. I looked at my ceiling. My stars glowing, just like the ones outside. "April, will you help me study for the finals?"

She nodded and caught on that I didn't want to talk anymore about it. "Sure. What's the first subject?"

"Science," I said as I took out my book. We sat down at my desk and started on the study sheet Mr. Noris had given me.


I sat on the bench in my front yard playing my silver flute. A nameless tune that filled my soul and the block as my fingers pushed down and released different keys. I liked the tune, but knew I would never play that same one again. I was good, but not as good to write my own music. Summer was great, and the sun beat down on me harshly. My long flowered skirt rippled in the slight breeze, my blouse did too. I felt content and whole. I imagined that my mother was gardening and tending her roses. As she smiled and moved to the music I played. My eyes closed, I could see her as a black shadow against the red of my eye lids.

I stopped when I felt someone watching. Someone that wasn't in my imagination, and wasn't April. I lowered the flute and opened my eyes to see someone I had given up hope on. "Scott?" I asked the boy standing on the street infront of my house. He nodded. I put my instrument down and ran to him. I hugged him, not crying, but feeling like I should. The one who loved me was back. I felt like one of those girls back during a war time, and my soldier boyfriend just came back from the battle field. "I missed you, where have you been?" I asked as I pulled away to look into his eyes.

His brown eyes met mine and he smiled, "Sorry. I moved, and couldn't call because we were so busy."

'April was right. I wonder if she went and found out on her own,' I thought. But I shook the idea away. She would have said she saw him. "I'm so happy."

"Me too," he said. The sunset behind him made him look wonderfully handsom to me. I smiled and brought him to my house. I didn't care that my father had said no one over. Or that I was alone with him. I knew my backbone was there. He wouldn't do anything to me again.

Or so I thought as we went into my backyard to sit on the swing my mother had bought right before she left me.

---To Be Continued---