Once you read this poem, you might see me a bit differently... but oh well.... i'm very depressed today.. more than usual... this is the product.


I am worthless
My pain comes out in a hiss
I can't open up to anyone
My joy is gone
Tears run down my cheeks
I've been hurting for weeks
My dreams are shattered
My heart is battered
I'm so depressed
My emotions are compressed
I have no one to turn to
No one can see through
My dark clothes and hair
To want to care
I won't change
My personality, I won't exchange
What is wrong with me?
My life used to be filled with glee
Now I can only think of one thing
The need to scream, think, and bleed
To Rock my problems away
Until the next day
Then they all come rushing back
My emotions are under attack
They won't be left alone
All I was living for is gone