A/N: I experienced a most profound sensation on a drive back home from New
Jersey. I wanted to capture the feeling of that moment but I suffer
terrible headaches when reading or writing or doing anything in a moving
vehicle (lousy motion sickness). Therefore, I decided to wait until I got
home to write. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the spontaneity of
that moment. I didn't even come close.

Still-Life (Phantasmagoria or Slippery Cyclone)

The stoic mask that breaks into a smile
Seems to unravel the mysteries of life.
Unguarded moments like these
Gossamer slip-slide murmuring
Dewdrops clinging to the sisters' thread
Lost within the loom
Entwined with those of a million others.

The autumn leaves that glow like embers in the wind
The mourning mist that showers the lonely child in silken kisses
The shimmer of light that rides upon the waves
Old photographs
Pictures taken by chance
Faded in the corners but otherwise unscathed by time
These are the most precious ones of all

The breeze
The lingering warmth of another's touch
The pink phoenix I saw in the sky
Riding upon smoking waters
The arch of newly wed trees
The crumpled green rug in my bathroom
The drives down a wooded mountain path
These are the microcosms of my life

How quickly they come and how quickly they go
How fleeting and ephemeral
How profound
How magnanimous
How capricious
How inadequate words are to capture
The phantasmagoric procession of specters
That haunt our dearest memories

More notes: The gossamer slip-slide murmuring line is by sylph paean. She
challenged me to write a poem using it so I incorporated it into this. If
you have the time, take a look at some of her work. She is a much better
writer than I am.