I'm a band nerd.
I'm angry at the world.
I hate preps.
I hate Steps.
I'm an emo kid.
Some might call me stupid.
I make all A's
And sit on my lazy bum all day.
I march to the beat of a different drum.
I hate snobs who treat me like scum.
My sister is a cheerleader.
I'm a spiritual leader.
My sister calls me "freak"
No one WANTS to know me
I have a wicked past
I sail through time, hanging onto the mast.
My friends are angels
from them my life dangles.
I'm holding on by a thread
though I've never wished myself dead.
Mostly, I'm depressed
emotions compressed
When I let my control go,
That's when the tears flow.
I'm sorry I've never let anyone inside
With each day a part of me hides.
I've never known true love
I'm as pure as a black dove
I talk to everyone that passes by
But I never look them in the eye
Can I trust you?
Is this new to you too?
Will you hate me at first glance?
Will you even give me a chance
to prove that I care?
Is it safe? Do I dare?
I've never been courageous
My clothing is outrageous
I'm different on the inside and out
I want to know what life is about
Is it about friends?
Kindness? Sins?
I don't know where I'm standing
Jumping . . . I know where I'm landing.