Hey a song by Dashboard Confessional inspired me to write this. It's called "Remember To Breathe" so I give all credit to Chris Carrabba. He is soooo hott. Ok anyways . . . on with the poem!


Always perfect
You put on another layer of crimson lipstick
You put on your clear gloss
You brush and floss
You put on your eye shadow
Your feet point the direction to go
You smile to the crowd
Eyes are always down
But your chin is held high
You walk across with a sigh
You wave to the strangers,
Police, family, friends, rangers
It doesn't matter
You fall to the ground with a clatter
Everyone rushes to your aid
You visit God and you are "paid"
You live in heaven
Where you always dreamed you'd be
You skip around in happiness and glee
You finally took your mask off
Everyone loves you
I guess the always did