Guardian Angel

tears roll down my cheeks
what a beautiful release

you comfort me
i don't know what to think

no one's ever been here for me
they run away, screaming

that's what i do on the inside
and cry for the feelings i hide

on the outside i am filled with glee
on the inside i am attempting to flee

i run to my sanctuary
i talk to my guardian angel, my fairy

he has brown hair and warm gentle eyes
his kindness isn't a disguise

he loves me inside and out
he kisses away my doubt
i get tounge tied around him

he has a caring humorous soul
i have lost control

emotions flood my heart
they tear me apart

i don't want to let him go
i want to sit with him and watch the snow

but it's only fair to let him go to someone else
who doesn't put emotions on the shelf

should i tell him i care?
would he care?
i don't know for sure

i want my guardian angel back