Summary: On a distant planet, a genetically perfect psychic princess is born. Out of jealousy, her father murders her mother, imprisons her beloved brother, so Princess Cassandra must escape for help.

A Fallen Princess

Prologue: Cristal

Somewhere else in this universe, there is a beautiful planet called Cristal. This planet is special because of its wonderful people. If you walk up to any random person on the street in an city in Cristal and ask them for directions, they will point you in the right way, and if they are friendly, show you the way themselves.

The people are special for another reason. A long time ago, when the humans first arrived on Cristal, a witch cast an enchantment in the planet. Every human has unique abilities, such as telepathy. All the skills possible are telepathic, telekinesis, clairvoyance, healing, and pyrokinesis. A person usually has only one ability, sometimes rare, and very, very rarely, three.

Now, humans being humans, as soon as they were intelligent enough to understand genetics and the fact that their skills were genetic, they began breeding themselves into a single master race, beginning with ten males and ten females, which would mate and breed a ruling, all-powerful race with all the abilities. The ones chosen to breed their first perfect human, titled the Celui, were crowned as king and queen. The civilization's evolution began its place as they industrialized and learned how to make atomic weapons, fought wars and achieved world peace, discovered the life on other planets and befriended them. All this time a quiet process carried on as the royal family of Cristal married arranged marriages and had children, with every generation inching closer to the Celui.

This story begins at the dawn of the fourth millennium. An important announcement is made among the citizens of one major city, Belle Gemme, country Belle, continent Arnour. The royal family's latest child is about to be born. After one failure, the entire planet is waiting with baited breath. This child is the offspring of the final step to the Celui.