Meet Alan. He's a primary school teacher in New York. He never got the opportunity to go to aviation school. So he merely dreams of the rush felt when taking off in his own bomber jet, first class, air force captain, awaiting orders, swooping high and low, doing loops over the brown countryside like a bird. Meanwhile he's looking after five year olds and teaching them the ABC, with a slogan on the wall, "Never stop trying! Practice makes perfect, kids!"

Meet Jay. He's a first class aviation pilot in the royal air force, training in South Australia. Just like his father. Every since he was six, it was "I can feel it, my boy, you're going to make me proud." Jay had lived his father's dream and occupation. Not his. Now he merely dreams of teaching children numbers and the ABC, teaching them new games and how to write, with a sign on the wall "Never stop trying, kids! You'll get it right someday!" Meanwhile he's fiddling with the joystick and being commanded to get into 'attack position' as he swoops up and down the countryside like a large grey bird.

The grass is always greener.