Review Replies:

Elizabeth Sonnet, if your family had been tortured to death in front of you, while you were brutally tortured, and subsicantly went on a killing spree, then you might be a little insane too.

And he's an ancient vampire, who's killed and tortured hundreds of people, he's not all there either.

She feels safe with him, for a couple of reasons, one is because he's stronger and more bloodthirsty than she is and she knows he'll protect her. Also she's crazy.

Red Pheonix: Thank you, i've never read anything by Sandra Brown, but i'll look her up.

Jade-is-a-star: I've lost the plot on this story i should have stopped before they reached the cabin, but i am re-writing the story very very slowly, i'm up to chapter .... 1, but it's about ten pages longer. I might post it if i ever get it finished.

Wolfie Star26: Thank you.

Rukki: Like i said to Jade-is-a-star, i've lost the plot, i have too many endings and bits and bobs, i will eventually tidy it up and pick an ending, but it might take a while.

Pineapple River: Thanks, it is kinda like Buffy and Spike only my vampire is a lot stronger than Spike.

Lamiapiratess: Thank you, glad my story is emotional.

Crazylady4: Thanks, that's 2 hours of your life you'll never get back. Lol

Bluhd Rayne: Thanks, your review was basically the reason i posted the next chapter, so it's all your fault.

Beth Tsany: Glad you like that ending, i think that's the one i'll stick with.

Aiken4ClayinND, Mirrlynn, Fluid Silk, RikaTabithaStarr, Kiko: Thank you.