First Show: 7/22/03

Iccess: *reads summary* Taking over the air-waves huh? Cool! Um, so, who's my production assistant-type-person?

KaibaslilDevil: *comes out of nowhere* HI!

Iccess: And I HAD to ask? Wait, what does that red light mean?

KaibaslilDevil: I think it means we're recording.

Iccess: Really?

*shuffling noises are heard followed by a very LOUD thud*


*Sounds of monkey laughing*

Iccess: BONES. Can this get any worse?

*More monkey laughter*

Iccess: Listen Bones, if you don't give me back the microphone I'm going to blow your little boney monkey head off!

*excessive amounts of monkey laughter

*gunshots and little monkey screams*

Iccess: The guest better not piss me off or.........wait, we're recording aren't we? Shoot. He was ALREADY dead. Do you know WHY we call him bones? He's made of BONES. Besides he was asking for it!

KaibaslilDevil: You're wasting your time. You only get an hour.

Iccess: In that case, since I've declared my innocence, I bring you my first guest.... Who IS my first guest?

KaibaslilDevil: Beats me.

Iccess: I thought I booked J......

KaibaslilDevil: You did book Jericho but that was for the Slayerettes' show.

Iccess: Anyone else?

KaibaslilDevil: Nope.

Iccess: What do you mean 'nope' go find someone?

KaibaslilDevil: I'm the producer NOT the talent agent.

Iccess: I have to take this up with the T.A. (talent agent)

*phone rings*

T.A.: Hello?

Iccess: Hi Count Rockula? You didn't book anyone for my first show.

Rockula: Really? Who do you vant for zhe next show?

Iccess: *Ponders* Johnny Depp?

Rockula: Sure I'll get you Johnny Deep.

Iccess: Depp, Johnny DEPP!

Rockula: Isn't that vhat I said?

Iccess: *hangs up* Okay ladies and gents do to an incompetent T.A. and a chimp we have no real show. Therefore I command you to tune in next show when we shall have Johnny Depp star of The Pirates of the Caribbean *hopefully* I suggest you go see the movie. 4 stars! To fill the rest of the hour I shall play NSYNC!

KaibaslilDevil: NO!

*end show* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That was interesting to say the least. I know it isn't very good but I haven't done anything like it before and it will take another chapter or two until I'm completely comfortable..