EPISODE 3: The Great Hair Debate!

Linkin Park's "Hit the Floor" is blaring really loudly in the radio booth.  Iccess is playing with a paddle ball and the ball hits her in the eye.

Iccess: SHI..........

KaibaslilDevil: We're on the air!

Iccess:.......takymuchrooms.  We should order shitaky mushrooms for lunch.

KaibaslilDevil: Okay then?

Iccess: Close call. Welcome to another episode of Iccess invades the airwaves.  I'm your not so sane host Iccess-america

KaibaslilDevil: And I'm the assistant-type-person KaibaslilDevil.

Iccess: Instead of booking a guest I've decided to have a list of things I want to rant about.

KaibaslilDevil: I've never heard you rant before.

Iccess: Really? Well before I start that I would like to address the issue of you being away for three weeks.  I have decided to find a temporary replacement.

KaibaslilDevil: You're REPLACING ME?!

Iccess: No.  Don't worry I just need another assistant because more insanity shall happen than normal.  I've rescheduled the Jericho episode as episode 5 which will take place in 5 weeks....hopefully.  Honestly you should be happy.  If you would like to fill in say so when you review.  Alrighty the debate topic for today is what?

KaibaslilDevil: Oh yeah.  CHRIS JERICHO'S going to loose his HAIR!

Iccess: Mind you I'm going to be severely traumatized if that happens.

KaibaslilDevil: I'm not. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  *lightning*

Iccess: You're evil.  I wouldn't mind seeing Nash having his hair completely cut off. 

KaibaslilDevil: What about Shawn?

Both: o_O NO! *cringe*

Iccess: That was REALLY wrong. 

KaibaslilDevil: No kidding.  That would be the day we both scream and cry.

Iccess: Yep.  Okay now THAT'S over........Chris Jericho CAN'T loose his hair!  He's a pretty guy.  He relies on his good looks and......hair.  He's a rock star believe it or not.  I saw Fozzy's album in the record store the other day........

Charlie: Fozzy ROCKS! *runs out studio*

Iccess: Okay then..... and what was my point?

KaibaslilDevil: The Lovesan Worm Virus.

Iccess: It's all Bill Gate's fault!

KaibaslilDevil: But he didn't create the virus.

Iccess: I know that but he still made the flaw in the systems easy to target therefore causing hundreds of millions of computers including mine to malfunction.

KaibaslilDevil: What hurts more medical tape or duct tape?

Iccess: Medical tape. Believe me I know from experience.

KaibaslilDevil: And here to demonstrate that fact is........There's no special guest is there?

Iccess: No.  Which makes me wonder why I came to work today. 

Charlie: Maybe because I told you to.

Iccess: No you didn't.

Charlie: I know how to make this funny! 

Charlie takes Iccess' CD player and pushes play and NSYNC's "Bye bye bye" plays.

KaibaslilDevil: *scream* you're STILL listening to that?!

Charlie: I propose since you like breaking into song.......

Iccess: Should I or SHOULDN'T I?

Charlie: We can even include the cheesy dance moves!

Iccess: *laughing SO hard*

KaibaslilDevil: o_O You wouldn't!

Iccess: I wouldn't.  Him.....well that's another story.  I'm out of here cause if I stick around this might be my last show due to Ashley killing me. *laughs* I'm out for now and if you'd like to be my assistant next show e-mail me or review.  I promise we'll have LOTS OF FUN.  Charlie won't be here though so you're safe.....SAFER.

Charlie: But.....

Iccess: You're already attempting to drive my co-host insane.

Charlie: That's my job.

Iccess: Anyway she looks really mad right now so I'm going to go now. *runs for her life*

Charlie: I'd better do the same.  I'll just let the CD play all the way through so I'll get a good 35 minute head start.

KaibaslilDevil: I'm going to get you.

Charlie: You'll have to catch me first.

KaibaslilDevil tries to run after Charlie but finds she's taped to the chair.

Charlie: Medical tape......enjoy!


AN:/Thanks to Charlie for the input.  Yes I really hate Microsoft because of my computer crashing every three seconds.  It's better now!  I'm now looking for a temporary assistant for one or two shows.