Pseudo Facies

A/N: Not very fond of the first four lines of this poem but the rest is alright ^-^

Pseudo Facies means False Face, False Form or False Shape. You decide which one fits this poem the best

As I cut myself, I tell myself I'm not trying to hurt you

As I cut myself you all shout "Attentions seeker, manipulator, you got blood on the carpet!"

True enough, I got blood on the carpet.

I also got the pain out, would you rather I hated you all?

I'll wear a smile for you, although it's a lie

It is a lie you want to hear

The true smile I had before is gone

This smile's just a mother-fucking substitute

You were the ones who cared, who knew me

Soon, I'll be cast away in the sea of life

Still, you try to suppress me, push me into the background

Borne through the suffering, I'm still wearing this smile

The smile is ground down though, put through my darkness

The smile I wore for you is gone

I've shed my smile like a second skin

Now, you see the real me, pain in my eyes

"What's wrong with you?" They all ask

"You pushed me too far, my smile hangs in tatters"

- Crucified Sanctity -