I am a ghost.
I'm not the kind that hides under your bed,
Or makes your stairs creak at night.

I'm not the sort of ghost that
Gives you nightmares, or
Makes the hair on the back of you neck
Stand up.

I don't haunt buildings, or
Skulk in graveyards. I'm not
The type of ghost you see on
"Ripley's Believe It or Not,"
or read about in the tabloids.

I'm that kid in school you've seen lots of times,
But have never talked to.
I'm the nerd who hides out in the library,
Face buried in a book.

I'm the boy who can't play sports;
The girl who can't look pretty.
I'm the perfect student who is always smiling,
But inwardly screaming.

I can't speak; can't think; can't feel.
I'm not human; my heart stopped beating
A long time ago.

I am a ghost; a phantom;
A shadow of the person you once knew.
Want to find me?

Turn around, and stare into the faceless crowd.