"Funny and Me"

Funny is Funny, Me is Me,
Funny and Me climbed up a tree,
Funny and Me, we both got stuck,
It seemed that we were out of luck,

Low and behold, Weird comes by,
He sees our feet and hears our cries,
So Weird climbs up and up the tree,
But Weird got stuck like Funny and Me,

We thought and we thought about what to do,
When Bitter came by and threatened to sue,
"Get out of my tree" the Bitter thing yelled,
We should have being screaming, she was all we could smell,

"Odor's a crime" Me quickly said,
"It's a friggin miracle we all aren't dead,"
"Try some deodorant, you can have it for free,"
"Do you charge for our prescence cause I've gotta pee,"

"You better not leak on my tree" Bitter cried,
She lifted her arms, and we all about died,
"Please, just get us out of this place,"
"I don't think our climb will make a great case,"

"It'll flop in court, I'm almost sure,"
"Like you care, you stink to the core,"
"You smell so bad there's not a thing to do,"
"Except give you a shower and clean out your shoes,"

"You'd do that for me?" the Bitter one said,
Me cried, "Get me out of this tree, I miss my bed,"
"Then it's settled," Bitter said, I'll do it right now,"
"I'll go get my ladder to get you all down,"

So in the end, Bitter turned out to be Nice,
And Weird, Funny, and Me were released from the vice,
They all left happy, all people were free,
Now I've got to leave and go climb a tree.