I was engulfed in darkness,
An icy breeze chilled my spine.
I stumbled and reached for help,
Of others I saw no sign.
I heard echoes of silence,
The only presence was mine.

Doubt and fear crawled at my thoughts,
Could I have really lost you?
The one I cared about most,
For whom my feelings were true,
Yet hidden deep in my heart.
What would you say if you knew?

Should I have told you the truth,
And ruined our special bond?
Accept or decline my heart,
How on earth would you respond?
Even if you felt the same,
Would our friendship go beyond?

The thought of you warmed soul,
And your warmth gave me a light.
Your precious light gave me strength,
With that strength was will to fight.
I fought for the thought of you,
And I overcame the night.

Never shall I hold you close,
Always you shall be away.
I'll look at you from great lengths,
And think of you on each day.
You may leave and not return,
But in my heart you're to stay.