I'm going on a highway
Everything's just going my way
Why we're going, where?
I don't really care
It's just away from home
My home's a hectic workplace
It seems I don't have my own space
I work 24/7
Should've died and gone to Heaven
This is just insane
I should stop talking 'bout this
Cause the point I've really missed
It's about going away
Not how insane it's where I stay
I'm getting away from home
What more can I be?
With the wind I feel so free
Where're I'm really going?
'Don't really care 'bout knowing
It's just away from home
This is such a great break
Home was more than I could take
I can enjoy the day
On the great highway
Yes, away from home
So it's about time
To end this rhyme
I hope you got the point
To leave this busy joint
And join that great highway