Unbroken Promise

So ends my week of bliss

I am ripped from compassion's encircling arms

Airplane rising into a turbulent sky

To leave paradise as nothing more

Than a cherished memory

A handful of photographs; a journal covered in spidery scrawl

The scent of your cologne and cigarettes

Lingering on my skin

Long after you pressed me against you and promised

Through the tears, that you'd return to me

When the gloss on my pictures has faded

And my notebook is full and dog-eared

My fingers grasping air, rather than your open palms

My mouth filled with the taste of another

I will remember the songs you sang to me

The way my cheek fit perfectly against your shoulder

The warmth of your skin and the kisses I gave you

And know that every wretched moment

Of my existence on this earth

Can be melted and reborn in ecstasy

Because you love me