I didn't cry the day I broke my arm
I didn't cry the day I moved away
I did cry the day you said those words to me
Those words affected me more then anything
It was like you reached inside me and took my soul away.
One day you said I was like superman
My weakness wasn't kryptonite
It was those words.
And they hurt me really bad.
I'm rarely ever happy any more
The only time I'm happy
Is when I look back at the memories we had.
But after thinking about them it just hurts me more thinking that I'm not
with you.
I miss you so much
Every day were apart
I lose a piece of me first it was my soul
Now it's my heart.
My heart is like a cloud
It's so empty and confused
Just like the cloud I don't know which way life will take me
But I do know one thing that the cloud does not
That I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
So please take me back
I'll do anything.
Now I pray
That this day
will never come to me or anybody else