The Rosary

I remember when I was 12 years old
I learned Rosarium and its meaning
It meant rose garden as I was told
And to also respect Mary's being

Blooming of roses in Mary's garden
The little children of the earth cried out
"Hail Mary full of grace," which made her face enlightened
It shows what love and respect is all about

October is the month where we respect and honor Mary
The rosary is there to remind us
Of how Mary treated us fairly
And how we can give her our trust

When I pray the rosary when I'm sad
I imagine myself in Mary's embrace
Just the thought of it makes me glad
Cause she showered me with her grace

In other words what the rosary means to me
You don't need the rosary when you're in doubt
It's just there to let you be
Independent, but still rely on Mary is what it's all about