Bad Day

My God, this is soooo boring! I hate having social studies first period. Who the hell cares about what happened a bagillion years ago? At least Zaria is in my class. I glance over at her and we share a bored gaze. The two of us have been friends since like forever. In the middle of Mrs. Prong's lecture, that is putting everyone to sleep, there is a knock at the door. As soon as Mrs. Prong steps out, the class goes wild, but our happiness is short-lived. After only a few seconds, she returns. "Zaria Sebastian, may I see you in the hall please?" Mrs. Prong beckons. Zaria looks somewhat surprised and nervous at the same time, although I don't see why. The probability of her being in trouble is next to none. Zaria has always been and will always be the intelligent, beautiful, popular, sweet, flawless girl that every one loves. Of course, she obliges and goes into the hall. When she re-enters the room a few moments later, I can see she is extremely upset, almost to the point of tears. I hope everything is alright. Quickly, she grabs her books and purse and clumsily darts out of the room, but not before banging into some desks. Wow, whatever it is must be serious. Normally Zaria is a very elegant young lady, the only time she is ever clumsy is when she's really distraught. One time, she even broke her leg running down my stairs after we had a fight. Well, I hope she's ok, I'll find out in lunch. Throughout the whole day I can't concentrate. I am very concerned about Zaria, especially when she wasn't in lunch. The second I get home I call her. A person, who I assume to be her father, because he is the only man of the house, answers. "Hello?' "Hi, may I speak to Zaria please?" I politely ask. Something must be really wrong if her dad is answering the phone. For as long as we've been friends I've never spoken to him. Her dad is rarely home because he works a lot. Whenever Zaria wants money, he'll give her tons, but other than that he isn't good for anything, especially not love. I dunno what Zaria would do without her mother. "Hello, who's this?" a quiet voice inquires. "Zaria? It's me Fionna," I tell her. "Oh, hi," she says apathetically. "What's wrong?" I ask concerned. "My mom. Jolina." she starts weeping uncontrollably before she can even finish her sentence. "What happened? Are they ok? Are you ok?" "They. they're. they're. gone. for. for. forever. they're. dead." she says with disbelief in between sobs. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry. You need anything? You want me to come over? What happened?" "No, I dunno. Lemme ask my dad." That sentence makes no sense, but who can expect her to be able to put a sentence together. I can't believe it. How could something like this happen? Her mother and sister were great people and Zaria definitely doesn't deserve this. Poor Zaria! Her father is never home and doesn't care about her at all. For all the hell he cares, she could drop dead. I can't imagine losing my mother, let alone my brother, Joe, and I have a loving father! "I dunno Fionna. Lazaro," she corrects herself, "my dad, doesn't really want anyone over. but who cares what he wants. he doesn't care what I want!" she exclaims angrily and starts to cry louder. "If I can't come over it's ok. I don't wanna get you in trouble, I just thought you might need a friend." "I. I do. I have. no one. to. to talk... You know what?" she says confidently and calmer, "Just come over. Use the. the tree house he won't. won't see you." "Are you sure? I don't want you to get in-" "No. it's ok. He doesn't notice me. Why would he notice you?" she interrupts sounding normal again. "Ok. If you're sure. I'll be there in like five minutes" I hang up the phone and go in search of my mom or dad. "Mom?" I call, "Dad?" No answer. Hmmmm. Where are they? Aha! There's Joe, maybe he knows. "Joe, where are Mom and Dad?" I ask. "I dunno. Problly shopping or something," he responds. "Dammit! Can you take me to Zaria's house? It's REALLY important!" "I guess. but you owe me one." "Fine. Fine" In about five minutes, we arrive at Zaria's. "Thanks. Tell mom where I am and that I'll call when I need to be picked up," I instruct him. "What? Do I have a sign on my head that says Fionna's slave?" he replies teasingly. "Joe!" I whine. "Ok. Ok. I'll tell her." "Thank you! You rock! Bye, I love you." Boy, I wish I wasn't so young for my grade! Almost all my friends have their permits, but not me! Sheesh! Stupid laws. I walk towards the tree house. When Zaria and I were little, we wanted a tree house. My dad offered to us build one, but I have no tree in my yard, which is actually quite odd for our small suburban town now that I think about it. So anyway, the three of us, my dad, Zaria and me, built our tree house in her yard. Of course her dad wasn't even home to help and if he was he probably wouldn't have anyway. Luckily, you can easily climb through Zaria's window from the tree house. Sneakily, I climb up the tree. While climbing up, I can hear "Bad Day" by Fuel blasting from her room, that's her favorite song when she's upset. As I enter through her window, I notice her back is to me. Even though she is hysterically crying, she's trying to sing along with the song. In her arms is a stuffed dog her mom got her when she was little. It has one of those faces that look so sad you want to hug it and make it feel better. I walk closer to her, but I remain unnoticed until I tap her on the shoulder. Turning around, she says startled, but happy, "Oh, Fionna." She wipes her eyes, but she is still tearing. "Yea," I reply as she turns the music down. "God, I'm glad you're here." There is an awkward silence. The only sound is Zaria's sad, soft, but sweet, voice singing, and she swears there's nothing wrong I hear her playing the same old song she puts me off and puts me on

and had a bad day again she said I would not understand left a note and said I'm sorry I had a bad day again While she is singing, I'm busily thinking about what to say. I mean what do you say to whose family just died? I can't very well start talking about Justin Timberlake's new CD, can I? But I can't go, so watcha gonna do without your mom and sister. Luckily, Zaria breaks the silence. "This is strange. There's nothing to say. On one hand I want to talk about my mom, but it... it hurts too much. What I really wish I could do is pretend the whole thing isn't real and was just a dream and talk about. Justin Timberlake or something," she comments, finally not crying. I try not to, but I crack up. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but I was just thinking the same thing about Justin Timberlake," I say laughing. Unfortunately, she does not see the humor in this and starts bawling again. I'm such an idiot! "Zaria, I'm sooooo sorry. I'm so stupid. I wasn't thinking. How can I think to say anything funny at a time like this? I suck at things like this. I'm sorry. Please forgive me!" "No. it's. it's. not you. you were. just. trying to. didn't mean. mean. it," she mumbles while crying. I'm a total ass. Oh my God. Who laughs when their friend is beyond hysterical? "ZARIA LILO SEBASTIAN GET DOWN HERE THIS VERY MOMENT!" her father angrily bellows from downstairs so loud that the whole house literally shakes. "Coming Lazaro. I mean Dad," Zaria hollers back. She wipes her eyes, attempts to stop crying and turns towards me, "I'll be back." She goes downstairs. While she's gone, I turn the music up and listen. Yea, Zaria's having a bad day and I can't understand, this song fits today perfectly and I screwed it up more! I'm so dumb! I wonder what happened anyway. I guess I'll ask her when she comes back. Hopefully, that won't upset her. Well, it probably will. This is sooo complicated. I have no idea what to say or do. If I feel this aggravated, imagine how Zaria feels. She doesn't deserve this at all. Her father, yea, he deserves this, but her, no. Actually, no one deserves it, but especially not Zaria, she's so sweet and nice and lovable. It's not fair. I'm so consumed in my thoughts; I don't notice Zaria when comes back until I hear a loud sigh. "Oh, sorry, I didn't notice you," I tell her. "I figured as much, you looked like you were spaced." "Yea. I was" "What were you thinking about?" Me being the idiot I am, told her the truth. "Well, I was wondering what happened and thinking about how unfair it is that something like this happened to you because you're such a nice person." This put her into another fit of tears. When will I learn to keep my goddamn mouth shut? This time I'm just gonna keep quiet and let her cry so I don't screw up more. "I'm. I'm sorry, I've been. crying. a.. a . lot. can't. help it." Still I remain silent, since there is no real response to her statement. "Everything is so. so. messed. up. Not fair. Mom. Jolina. no deserve. this. should have. lived. lived. long life. stupid people. red lights mean. mean. stop." I let her babble on. "Why? Why. God? What. they do. deserve this? What. what. am I gonna do?" She looks at me. By this time she is too hysterical to talk. That last question seems to be directed towards me, but I have no response. Seeing her so sad soon makes me cry. I walk over to her and give her a big hug. We stand there for a few moments embracing each other. Finally Zaria seems to have calmed down some, so I let her go. "ZARIA?" her dad calls with an annoyed tone. "Yes?" Zaria responds trying not to cry. "COME HERE NOW!" he commands. "Ok," she responds while gulping down her tears. Then looking at me she says, "You should probably go." As she goes down the stairs, I climb out the window and down the tree house. For a moment I stand at the bottom, taking deep breaths to stop the tears that are flowing down my face. After I calm down, I take out my cell phone and call my house. No one answers. I guess Joe went out and Mom and Dad aren't back. Ok. Let's see. Ron is always asking me out. I think I have his number somewhere. I find it in my address book and call him, but he's not home. Finally, 5 minutes and 20 guys later, I find who can pick me up, Estevan. He picks me up and drives me home with minimal conversation. Although he does mention maybe taking me out sometime, which will never happen, since he is the ugliest member of the football team. Two weeks later, Zaria returns to school. Of course she isn't her normal self and on top of that, she has tons of make-up work. The rest of our group tries to be sympathetic towards Zaria, but after a few days they just kind of avoid her because she is being very unsociable. Talking to her is about as effective as talking to a brick wall, there is no response either way. She rarely talks and almost never spends time with us. Basically, she has kind of withdrawn herself from life. Her grades are slipping, on the rare occasion she speaks, everything she says is spoken in an apathetic tone and nothing makes her happy or excited or even mad or nervous. It's like she's numb to feelings. I'm very concerned about her. I decide to talk to her boyfriend, Calix, and see if she has confided in him. One day after school, I go to the football field and wait for him to show up for practice. While I'm standing there, almost every jock that doesn't have a girlfriend and some that do comes over and flirts with me or gives me their number or both. A few of them are pretty hot and I tell them I'll call them. Finally, I see Calix. I wave at him and he comes over. "Hey, Fionna!" "Hi, Calix." "What's up?" "Umm. Nothing really. I need to talk to you about something though." "Lemme guess. Zaria?" "Yea." "Ok. Hold on," he says to me. Then turning towards the group of guys that had previously been surrounding me he shouted, "Quarles! Tell Coach I had to go do something. I'll be a few minutes late." "Gotcha," Quarles replied. Leading me towards the playground, Calix looks a little distressed. "You ok?" I ask him. "No, not really," he answers while sitting down on a swing. I take a seat on the swing next to him and wait patiently for him to elaborate. "It's Zaria," he continues, "I'm worried about her. She's been really depressed lately and I dunno what to do or say. We rarely hang out anymore and every time I call her dad says she's not home. I miss her a lot, but if we can't talk there's no point in us going out. Is there?" I shake my head. "I tried to talk to her. I hoped I could help her, I wanna be there for her, but she's blocking me out. The last thing I want to do is hurt her, but I can't go on like this. I might hafta break up with her." he says sorrowfully. Now he looks as miserable as if he got kicked off the football team and his dog and best friend all died in the same day. "Well, enough about me. What did you want?" "Nothing really, I was just wondering if Zaria had talked to you about what's bothering her, but you answered my question." "Sorry I couldn't help." "It's ok." He walks back to the football field and I go off to my house. Later that night I call Zaria and convince her to come over. Once she arrives, we talk about how she's been upset and stuff. She realizes that she has been kinda out of it and decides to try and be more social. Throughout the next month, Zaria gradually becomes more sociable each day. Not only does she hang out with Calix more, she even occasionally comes to the mall with us. About two months after the tragedy, Zaria is pretty much her normal self. Her grades are straight As, she comes to all our sleepovers and is the bright perky girl we all love. About a week after she is her normal self, Calix and her have a fight. I'm not sure what it's about, but she seems a little upset. So I invite her to sleepover. She accepts and says she'll be over around 4ish. After school I go home, eat a snack and do my homework. By the time I'm done it's 5:30, I decide to call her and figure out why she's late. Since the phone line is busy, I assume she's online. I turn my computer on and sign online. Within seconds, 20 people instant message me, but none of them are Zaria. Looking out the window to see if Zaria is arriving, I notice it's raining. I love rain. It's as though the whole world is crying for everyone's sorrows. I jump at the sound of a loud boom. Must be thunder. As I watch the raindrops fall, I see a flash of light and hear an extremely loud noise, louder than thunder can possibly be. Peering down the street, I realize an old weeping willow has fallen down. That must've been the loud noise. Poor tree. This situation almost brings me to tears. It's silly, but I hate it and get really upset when anything dies or even breaks, whether it's something with feelings or not. Especially weeping willows, they are so pretty. Zaria's and I both love them; weeping willows are both Zaria and my favorite tree. A moment or two passes and I turn back to the computer screen. Well, if I'm online I might as well check my mail. Once my junk mail is deleted, I go through my e-mail. Some from random guys most likely asking me out, a few chain letters and an e-mail from Zaria dated today. That's strange, wonder what it's about. I open it and skim through it. Basically, it says Lazaro is being a jerk and asks me to come over through the tree house. "Mom? Dad?" I call down the stairs. "Yes, hunny?" my mom replies. "Can you give me a ride to Zaria's?" "Sure sweetie." Silently, we drive to Zaria's and she drops me off. "I'll call when I need to be picked up," I tell my mom. "OK. Have fun!" I wait until she drives off and sneak up the tree house. While I am climbing up I hear "Bad Day" by Fuel blasting even louder than normal. Upon entering her room and looking down the hall, I see Zaria standing in the hall with a gun in her hand. "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING!!!!!! ARE YOU INSANE!!!!" I scream. But she acts as though she is deaf. "ZARIA!!!!! YOU CANT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!" I yell frantically while trying desperately to get down the hallway and save her. I hear an ear piercing shot that goes right through me and sends shivers down my spine. When I look, I see her lying on the rug in a pool of crimson blood. As I approach her, I notice there's a note lying next to her. In her perfect handwriting she, just like the song goes, left a note and said I'm sorry I had a bad day again. I clutch the piece of paper as though letting go of it would mean letting go of her, fall to my knees and weep.