The Real World

Romance novel lying on the table
"Charmed" blasting on cable
Black Barbie in child's hand
Crippled woman attempting to stand
Glitter on a juvenile's painting
A picture of a clown entertaining
These things are all great
In a fantasy life
Happy endings don't happen
Like in the romance novel lying on the table
Witches and warlocks don't exist
Like on "Charmed" blasted on cable
Most Negro women don't look
Like the black Barbie in the child's hand
People paralyzed for thirty years
Don't attempt to stand
The world isn't innocent
Like the glitter on a juvenile's painting
Life is not all games and fun
Like the picture of the clown entertaining
This is the Real World
Not New York
Or Las Vegas
No, this is the Real World
According to me
Where it's common to cry
And things die
People fight
Dogs bite
Citizens are in need
Some require help to breath
Yeah, that's the Real World for ya.