Back and Forth

By Goth-girl

            Fifteen-year-old Erin was in bed, trying to go to sleep.  Tomorrow was her first day of school, and she was very frightened.  It'll be just like last year, she thought lamely.  No friends, no boyfriend, no fun.  For a long time, she had wished that she were the most popular girl in school, rather than the all-A student who stayed up all night long doing homework.  She guessed that to be popular, you had to have gotten on with everyone from the time you were a little kid.  She'd be starting sophomore year tomorrow, and she wished so hard that she could be starting first grade, instead. 
At least first graders didn't have Algebra.

            The next morning she woke up, feeling tired and irritated, with a sick feeling of dread, the way that she always did on the first day of school.  However, something was off.  Her alarm clock sounded different than it had before.  Did Dad put my old clock back in here?  She recognized this clock, but it didn't work anymore.  So, how could it be ringing?  Instinctively, she turned it off, and looked around.  She was sitting on her old bed, the one with the pink frame, wearing an old, pink nightgown that she had sold at a garage sale three years ago.  So, why did it look so new?  And why did it cover her feet?  That thing had been knee-length when she sold it.  She realized that she was probably dreaming, but she wanted to see where this nightmare would take her.  She stepped off of her bed, and looked around. 

            Who put all of my dolls here?  She wondered that for a minute.  Instead of the floor being littered with her CDs, books, and clothes, it was covered with dolls, and their clothes.  She had forgotten how much space her room had when her older, smaller bed was in it.  Yet, she couldn't be dreaming, because everything was right.  For a seven-year-old!

            Nervously, she walked into her bathroom, but her feet made less sound against the floor than usual.  When she reached her bathroom, she could only see her head, and her shoulders in the mirror.  Luckily, there was a stool next to the sink for her to climb onto, so she did.  She looked at her face, and felt ready to scream.  First of all, she was short, and young.  And her hair…Where were her dark blue streaks?  Now, her hair was light brown.

            "Erin, are you up?" she heard her father calling.  She realized then, that she had gotten her wish, and would indeed be starting first grade, all over again.

            Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she thought.

            "Er…yeah, I'm up," she said lamely.  She walked out of her bathroom, and went into her room to change, but the clothes were not much to her liking.  She wondered what she had really worn that day?  She realized that she must have had really bad taste as a seven-year-old.  Everything was wild, zany, and crazy.  Anything blackAnything normal?

            Finally, she found a zany looking shirt, and a black velvet jumper.  "It'll do," she said lamely.  Getting ready took half the time it used to, because she didn't have makeup, glasses, accessories, or earrings to worry about, so she shocked her mother by being ready at 7:30.

            "Are you ready for your first day of first grade?" her mother asked.  "Oh, you're growing up so fast!"

            Erin held back a laugh.  More like growing down.

            After her mother took a picture of her, she got into the car, and started to become irritated.  This meant that she would have to completely redo elementary school, middle school, and what high school she had behind her.  This stunk.  Well, at least she still had recess.  She put her backpack on, probably filled with brightly colored markers, pencils, glue, scissors, and that sort of thing, rather than Algebra books, calculators, and rulers.

            Then, something hit her.  The other kids wouldn't know each other, but she'd know everything.  She'd already know the lessons.  Or…would she?  She tried to recall, and she remembered lots of her freshman year lessons, including some basic Spanish.  I'll be fine, she thought.  This would be a breeze.

            Once she was in class, she spotted her old friend, Linda.  "Hi, Linda!" she said.  Maybe this time around, they'd stay friends.  Who knew?

            "What's your name?" Linda asked.  Obviously, she didn't know her.

            "Oh, I'm Erin," she said lamely.

            The teacher greeted everyone with a bright smile, and they all read a story.  "We have art today," the teacher said.

            "Uh…" Drew said.  "When do we have Gym?"

            "Thursday," the teacher replied.

            She remembered how much she always dreaded gym.  This would probably be no exception, since she still was no athlete, but at least this time, she knew that it could be much worse (middle school,) and might not be as afraid.

            "I like art," Erin said.  "It's my favorite elect…special!" she said, remembering that they had a different name for it in elementary school.

            "Oh, really?" the teacher asked.

            "Yeah," Erin said.  She realized then, that she could really have fun with this.  She could befriend all the girls with what she knew now, and the teachers!  They would definitely be impressed with her, and she wouldn't even have to try very hard.  Any homework she got would take at the most, maybe ten minutes.  The teacher always said for first graders to have ten minutes of study time, (to study what, their spelling words?)  She would have to think about the possibilities…