Can you see them?
Can you see the trees of Home,
Tall, dark, flickering brown-green-red?
The rain forms a song only we can understand,
The beating of the water against the leaves.
Follow me into the forest of Home,
Under the hanging moss,
Through the dew-laden underbrush.
Follow me into a land only I dream,
Where I see myself flitting over the trees.

Can you see them?
Can you see the trees of Home,
Like sentinels, tall, taller, tallest?
Wider than our arms combined,
Scarred and worn from the millenia.
The thunder rolls high above,
The lightning flashes,
And you shine like a star to me,
A star of wings, scales, and talons.

Can you see me?
Sleek and unhindered,
No trave of humanity?
I see you, brother, and lead you into my Homelands,
To show you the wonders of the eternal trees,
To dance in the rains as we were meant to be.

Follow me now,
Here in the forest of Home,
In this half-dream half-reality.
Can you smell it?
The weight of the water in the air,
The earth, the trees, the lightning dancing above?
Can you see it?
Can you see me?