Those feelings are so indelible,
Inescapable, in every meaning of the word.
I will never forget that you're incredible,
But I will forget that you're in my world.

It's time to let go,
Time to go away from here.
We're in this together now,
Never leave my side.

The perfect drugs and shots,
Tabloids and photographic relapse.
Dull feelings and moments of hype,
The great white feelings of mishaps.

Do you ever know the time?
Do you have the time anymore?
Regardless of what the moon says,
You listen to the floor for the wandering footsteps of the whore?

To be under control means to be enslaved,
To be enslaved means to be degraded,
To be degraded means to be human,
To be human means to be the void.

With all the pain, all the hurtful actions,
All your vanity, all the plentiful sanctions,
Negative and positive and formal and informal,
Society is now, so welcome to the play.