I wrote this amendment for Government class...I think it's interesting...and kind of humorous. Perhaps you all will understand the meaning behind it, and enjoy it as much as I did.

Amendment XXVIII

Written by Shayne Pruett

A.) Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of provocative thought.

B.) This amendment assures citizens of the United States that provoking or stimulating thought will be something Patriotic, and that no law abridging the freedom of provocative or stimulating thought will ever be composed. Americans have the freedom to think.

C.) This amendment to the constitution is needed because people think it's un-American, or even terrorist in nature, to provoke thought in or around political arenas, homes, offices, schools, etc. Provoking thought and speaking freely of dissent is as Patriotic as blindly raising a flag and saluting your President every day. Once again, it is NOT un-American or terroristic in nature to THINK FREELY.

D.) This amendment would benefit Americans as a whole in ONE simple way: When Americans think, they free themselves. They free themselves from the shackles of their leader and dissent soon fills their minds. Although one thing should be made clear: When questioning everything, as every American should do, it will be possible that many of your peers will disagree with you while blindly loving their President. This could lead to violence on the "Patriots" part, to "justify" his country and his President, so we advise you to become free of fear. Thinking freely is DANGEROUS! Many Presidents disagree with thinking freely, but we assure you that, in this amendment, you will be able to do so whenever and wherever you want. Nobody can stop you now...so take off your American blinders and to see the world through a true Patriot's eyes...the eyes of dissent...the eyes of the Free Thinker!