A letter I wrote to President Bush that was an assignment for Government class...eventually became personal of course...sources vary from http://www.truthout.org to http://www.axisofjustice.org to quotes from Hans Blix, writings from William Rivers Pitt, etc. Maybe someone will find this interesting?...

Dear President Bush:

Once upon a time, we impeached a sitting President for lying under oath about sexual trysts. No one died, no one had their legs or arms or face or genitals blown off because of the lies of a President who had been caught with his pants down. Today in America, we endure a sitting President who lied for months about the threat posed by an underdeveloped and sovereign nation. That nation was invaded and attacked, and thousands died because of it. The aftereffects of this action will be felt for generations to come. The very democracy which gives us meaning as a country has been put in peril by these deeds. When the smoke cleared, every reason for that war was proven to be a lie.

With that said, I would like to introduce myself. I am a very well-educated, seventeen year-old, Democrat, anti-war activist, free-thinking, thought provoking, male, writing to you because I have to and I hope you can hear me out.

This is an assignment I am obliged to complete to satisfy my Government teacher, Mr. McWhinney. As many people in my position would not like to compose a letter to our loving, caring, and professional leader of the free world, I will do the opposite. Instead of complaining and moaning about not wanting to complete this assignment, I promise I will make this worth your while.

This letter is written in regard to the Invasion of Iraq, the claims of weapons of mass destruction, etc. This is written in regard to the Colonization of Iraq. I'm sure you hear about this just a little bit out of your regular day, but you may now hear my words of wisdom.

I feel that your whole thought process, options chosen, decisions regarding the Invasion of Iraq are completely, and utterly, WRONG. You've made no attempt to completely and clearly justify your actions, America's, or anybody's who has to do with the Invasion. Obviously you know what I am talking about. Everything from the lack of weapons of mass destruction, to the use of forged documentation among the White House. I would like to just "spout off," if you will, about some problems I have with you and your Regime.

I am not the only person who is irate with your actions, Mr. Bush, nor am I the only one who "knows" and few things about the War, the Reconstruction, and so on, of Iraq. Perhaps you have heard of Mr. Hans Blix? This is something he had to say in an interview not too long ago: "This is not the first time that force has been used on the basis of erroneous intelligence," Mr. Blix questions the trustworthiness of American intelligence. Of course it's not, but the Iraqi Invasion is now in question. I would like to now "spout" some things.

Saddam and Iraq have no weapons of mass destruction, as there has been, after months of "searching," been absolutely NO weapons of mass destruction found. In London, parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee will focus particular attention on British Government claims that Iraq had the capacity to launch a strike using weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. Since the war was officially declared over, no such weapons have been located -- although their alleged existence was a key reason cited by you, the US President George Bush, and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for going to war.

Here are some things I would like to point out, with help from articles written by Hans Blix and William Rivers Pitt:
After roughly 280 days worth of fearful descriptions of the formidable Iraqi arsenal, coming on the heels of seven years of UNSCOM weapons inspections, four years of surveillance, months of UNMOVIC weapons inspections, the investiture of an entire nation by American and British forces, after which said forces searched "everywhere" per the words of the Marine commander over there and "found nothing," after interrogating dozens of the scientists and officers who have nothing to hide anymore because Hussein is gone, after finding out that the dreaded 'mobile labs' were weather balloon platforms sold to Iraq by the British, you and your people suddenly have a few things to answer for.
Someone may recall this instance where a bombastic claim was made by you, President Bush. During your constitutionally mandated State of the Union address on January 28, 2003, you said, "Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent." Nearly five months later, those 500 tons are nowhere to be found. A few seconds with a calculator can help us understand exactly what this means. 500 tons of gas equals one million pounds. After UNSCOM, after UNMOVIC, after the war, after the US Army inspectors, after all the satellite surveillance, it is difficult in the extreme to imagine how one million pounds of anything could refuse to be located. Bear in mind, also, that this one million pounds is but a part of the Iraqi weapons arsenal described by you and your administration. Maybe the dog ate it? Or maybe it was never there to begin with, having been destroyed years ago by the first UN inspectors and by the Iraqis themselves. Maybe we went to war on a big lie, one that killed over 3,500+ Iraqi civilians to date, one that killed some 170 American soldiers, one that has been costing us one American soldier's life per day thus far.
The longer the United States and Britain occupy Iraq without finding weapons of mass destruction, the more conceivable it is that Baghdad destroyed them after the first Gulf War in 1991.
Two months after the fall of Baghdad in a war launched after you, the United States, and Britain, accusing Saddam of illegally harboring nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, their troops still have not found any such weapons.
Saddam said the weapons were destroyed in 1991 when a US-led international coalition ousted his army from Kuwait. Hans Blix has said that inspectors made their last significant finds in 1994.
Hans Blix's UN inspectors searched for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq from November 2002 to March 2003. Some US officials faulted the Swede for failing to produce tougher reports on Iraq's purported weapons.
"The destruction of weapons was largely finished in 1994," Blix has said. "Thereafter, [U.N. inspectors] destroyed a number of facilities and installations because they had concluded that these had been active in the production of weapons . . . but weapons, no."
Blix has said, "The more time that passes without any finds," the more it is "reasonable to begin to ask oneself if there were or not any weapons."

At this point, I am not sure what else I can, or anybody can, say right now. As I have compose this, it is now 1:18 AM on June 26, 2003. I am tired, I am human, and I like to have confirmation regarding things to the degree of a full-scale war with another country. I NEED satisfaction. I NEED justification, confirmation, evidence, hope.

As a teenage in the world today I like things to be clearly laid out, stated, and confirmed or at least justified. Clearly, you and your administration like things done the opposite way. Obviously, you prefer working under guard, behind a curtain, unseen by the public, so you can go about YOUR business.

I opened this letter with a remark about impeachment. Of course, there will be no impeachment with a Republican Congress. This must not dissuade us from demanding satisfaction, clarification, answers, hope. Let the House be brought to order. Gavel the members to attention, and let the evidence be brought forth. Let there be justice for the living and the dead. Let this man, Bush, YOU -- be impeached and cleansed from office for the lies you have told. These are not innocent lies. The dead remember...

In the last of this letter I would just like to thank Mr. Hans Blix and William Rivers Pitt for the aid they have assisted me with in giving me grounds for this letter and grounds for some beliefs of mine. I did not hesitate to present to you some of the things they have said, in quote and in text, because I am confident that they can help me in my mission to present to you a clean, happy, letter to the President.

Thank you for your time, if it is you reading this, after all.

Oh, yes, one more thing to say...don't forget about the economy. When shrouded in money, satisfaction, happiness, and more money -- it tends to be forgotten about, on occasion, with Republicans.