people scream in my ears
drowing out my meaningless fears
i was so shy
i have no idea why
that only happens around you
and anything new
change is not welcome
but in it comes
if i tell anyone else
it will be admitting it to myself
i'm not ready yet
to gamble on that bet
everyone sees me as a little kid
so even if i did
admit it freely
no one would believe me
i'm everyone's little sister

i'm the "good girl" no one likes
the one you talk to late at night
to help figure out your life
because i'm not sure if i really have a life
i want to be someone's friend
not a bug you squash in the end
i hate being the little one
you never have any fun
they forget to invite you
they see right through you
want to know something unthinkable?
i'm not invisible