Because of what I am.

No one is close to a friend.

Because of who I am.

I'm always broken and bent.

Because of what I look like.

People have no light.

Because of where I came from.

People think I'm a bum.

The word 'prejudice'.

Is one word that is not of justice.

The word 'racists' hurts.

People who treat you like dirt.

Why am I so different?

Why was I sent?

To this place that people are unfair.

No one cares.

About me.

Why can't they see?

The way they are acting.

And the way they are contradicting.

Don't they understand?

That it's hard to stand.

When people are spitting.

And also hitting.

Don't my feelings matter?

But they don't, which makes everything sadder.

So, what that I'm discrete?

What do I reek?

What do you mean that I'm odd?

Why are you leaving me here to rot?

Don't I mean anything when I come to tears?

And all of my fears.

I wanna blow.

All you can say is 'so'.

Why can't you see?

The one and true me?

How am I so strange?

Because now I feel so enraged.

But I don't want to let it go.

And I know.

About all these rumors you are making up.

I feel as if I might erupt.

When I hear them saying I'm from poverty.

I came from a place of atrocity.

I want to scream!

I want to be mean!

But I won't.

And I know that they won't admit it, they won't.

Because they will deny all their actions.

When I make an assumption.

So I stand here ready to fall.

Waiting for someone to stall.

To come and say stop.

I keep climbing until I'm at the top.

Everyone is there watching.

No one is stopping.

So I close my eyes and my tears begin to fall.

Waiting one last time for a call.

But no one seems to care.

No one even dares.

All this pain.

Mixes in with the rain.

And so do my tears.

Every droplet filled with my fears.

Why is life so unfair?

They all just stare.

So I jump and fall.

Then finally they call.

But it's to late to stop me.

And now they finally see.

What they did was wrong.

And it took so long.

You can finally see your true reflection.

You took the wrong directions.

Well guess what I'm running out of breath and can't cope.

I'm drowning and there's no hope.

To save me in time.

Can you finally see your crime?

I'm slowly dying.

And I don't care if you're crying.

I'm out of breath.

I'm so close to death.

It's all because of you and your revolting deeds.

And now I can't breathe.

Your begging for pity.

And now it's to late already.

And it's because of what you said.

To late, I'm dead.

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