If There Was a God

Would he allow human massacre?
Maybe somehow he'd cease bumps, turns
Or stop the hate, the earth so obsecure,
God, what from you will we learn?
Maybe you are in disguise,
If you were here, where is your home?
Sucking us into your demise
Do we stay pondering on our own?
God, where are you?
Laying on cushioned clouds,
Grinning evily, nothing left to do
Come manifest on earth, are you allowed?
Allowing ardently smiling children to die
Maybe you are waiting to be a philosophy,
Why do you watch anguish, tears, cry?
God, who are you?
Can't you see our gifts,
Humanity, nature, how it evolved and grew?
Need to find your way home, need a lift?
If there was a God,
Where are you? She or he?

May 2003