I lay in my bed,

Wish distraught fears in my head,

I see the moonlight reflect from the window,

Confounded, my confidence runs low,

I realize the people I adored,

Have deceived me, never loved me more,

Help me bloody Mary.

The angels in my mind have ceased,

I plunged my head down and weased,

As my dreams of euphoria disappear,

My existence occupied with spurious fears,

And they shed my optimistic interior,

I look aside, she's there in the mirror,

Revive me bloody Mary.

There she is, knocking, knocking at the door,

Draining my sanity, I wonder what is the significance,

She's closer, tapping on the bed,

Her blood seeping, dripping on my hands and head,

Crimson shade, staining my skin,

Breathing so heavily within.

Drown me blood Mary.

Gasping, I cannot see her face,

As her aspect is an orb, lights, resembling thin lace,

Her blood continues to drip,

I shutter, her presence freezing my lip,

For you contrast between fate,

And a crucial, cold hate.

Take me away bloody Mary.

Waiting, waiting until the day I am slain,

For my time has come tonight, so insane,

Mary let me grab onto your wings,

Such sweetly you sing,

As you murmur and hum my death lullaby,

The pain inside will soon drift and die.

Lift me up bloody Mary.

My blood now altered onto the wall,

Singing in my ears, it is a prominent call,

Waiting for my last breath,

My gift, a slow reoccurring death,

Death quickening like receding wax,

Delving into me with the axe.

Kill me bloody Mary.

The contrasted dark and bright angel,

Shifted from heaven and hell,

For she lived deep in every girl's mirror,

And gave you nightmares, a curse, inferior,

She swashed the pain away,

But she gave me hope, taking my soul today.

Goodbye bloody Mary.