You try to have a good time,
Somebody stops you.
You want to have a grand old time,
The old flame hates you, fucks you up.

You want to meet new people,
The bitch will never let it pass.
Their names were Jimmy and Lee,
The bitch will never let it be.

The somebody,
The old flame.
The bitch, the bitch, this stupid bitch,
It's all the same.

Lies, spite.
Hate, contrite.
Contempt, content.
You loved yourself?
I loved you,
You loved yourself?
How in the hell,
Is it possible, to love,
The cold.
The dead.
The bold.
The fucking dead?!

Let me have a good time,
I want to meet new people.
Jimmy and Lee,
This is for you.
I hate you son of a bitches that messed that up,
Messed up at Charlie's.
Good times, to have a good time,
It's futile.