I start this off,
With plenty of words.
I kicked myself,
And I gazed at birds.

I don't know why I'm here,
I'm not able to steer,
This proverbial car we're in,
The touch of your and my skin?

You can choose to overcome,
You can choose to leave.
Kick it into overdrive,
Leave you beside me.

You can choose the circumstances,
You can make the rules.
Liquid dreams overcame me,
You drowned me in your pool.

Let's not make this happenstance,
You remember that circumstance?
You can make the rules my dear,
As long as I can take you there!

And soon enough you will see,
Why I left you behind me.
I couldn't take you on this one ride,
Because, my dear,
You had to fucking lie.

Good job!