Chronicle Warriors- - -Clash of the Eras

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In the year 2218, a ruler of the dimension only known as the Phalanx rules with an iron fist. His name is Deimos. After hundreds of years of being alive the only thing that amuses him anymore is the adrenaline rush of war. And he has started many wars within his lifetime- - -of course, not involving himself. He always had a way to start a war between two colonies, such as the Juhdan and Exerrian empires, which no longer exist, thanks to him. In fact, there are almost no colonies left due to the wars. No more wars. . .no more amusement.

Deimos: (Time and time again, the feudal people of war have crushed and stomped other colonies. They have showed that they are stronger when they feel threatened. . .) But now they are all gone!

Deimos was sitting in his chambers and pounding his desk. He was a fairly large creature; he was 6'7 in height and weighed about 330 pounds. He was a hulking mammoth that wore black armor and a mask that covered only the top half of his face.

His top henchman Krell walked into the chambers and overheard Deimos' shouting.

Krell: Something wrong sire?

Deimos (in a shrill voice): Yes Krell!! It has been forty-six years since a good war! I'm growing weary of living in this god-forsaken fortress! I need to feel the rush of war again!

Krell: I apologize sir, but you caused every last one of the colonies to destroy each other. There are no more colonies, planets, or soldiers left to fight.

Deimos: That just won't do!

Deimos pulled up his fist and aimed it at the nearest guard. His glove could fire out a laser that mutilated anything in its path.

Guard: Ahg!! Sir!!

Deimos: I need to see death soldier!

Krell: Sir! Killing him without a reason won't do us any good.

Deimos: Hmm. . .you're right. Hah!!

Guard: AHHH!!!

Deimos obliterated the guard, leaving a bloody mess in the chamber.

Krell: ????

Deimos: I didn't like the way he looked at me. Is that reason enough for you Krell?

Krell: Uhh, of course sir.

Deimos: Now, what is it that you wanted?

Krell: Well sir, I've noticed how miserable you've been since you haven't seen a good war lately, so I thought why not create a virtual one?

Deimos: Huh?

Krell: We have the technology to make a simulated one; so how about it?

Deimos: You mindless fool! I want the real feel of war! True war!

Krell: Yes sir, my apologies. But the only way you can have a real war is if you went back in time and took some warriors. . .but, heh, that is not happening.

Deimos: . . .Krell, do you remember how I caused the Exerrian and Juhdan empires to fall?

Krell: Uhh, oh yes, you changed one thing in their universe to cause a war.

Deimos: So. . .isn't there a way where we could get a hold of the past universe?

Krell: Uhh, do you mean different time dimensions sir? Hmm, well, I suppose I could but you know sir- - -we don't have the technology to send such large matter as yourself into the past.

Deimos: No no, Krell; you see, if I can't get warriors of today to fight for my amusement, then why not get warriors of yesterday to fight for my amusement?

Krell: What are you suggesting sir?

Deimos: Why don't we find the most fearsome warriors of pastime and combine their worlds? You know what happens when two different colonies collide, don't you Krell?

Krell: Heh heh, yes I do sir.

Krell began to walk over to a machine. He looked up warriors of the fierce past.

Krell: Sir, will you be watching the spectacle in your chamber here?

Deimos: No, I will watch it in the main hall. Why not let my people watch it too? Heh heh.

Krell: Excellent sir.

Krell continued to look up warriors, until he came upon a rather good- looking era.

Krell: Sir, I found some warriors known as "knights," and they seem like they can get the job done.

Deimos: On this corner, the "knights," and on this corner. . .what do we have Krell?

Krell: Hmm. . .I think I have just the thing sir.

Deimos walked over to the computer and looked at the screen.

Deimos: Heh, heh. . .and on this corner. . .the pirates. Let's start the merging of the worlds, shall we?

~ A dark chorus plays in the background and then fades away. . .the scene changes to a medieval setting ~

Chancellor: The holy ruler of Camelot, and founder of the Knights of the Round Table, it is with great honor that I present to you- - -King Arthur!

~ A renaissance fanfare plays in the background as King Arthur walks into the castle chamber ~

Loyalists and Serfs: Hooray for King Arthur! Long live the king!

Arthur: Thank you chancellor, and thank you everyone. But today I come to you with a very serious issue. Due to the lack of farming and production of goods, England is threatening that we turn over Camelot to them.

Loyalists and Serfs: What?! Never!

Loyalist: We'll take em in a fight, thass what we'll do!

Serfs: Yeah!

Arthur: Calm down everyone! I would like to avoid a war as much as possible. We can't afford the loss of goods any further, nor do I want to suffer the loss of my people!

Loyalist: We've got our own problems, so why should we have to worry 'bout England's?

Suddenly, a small English boy ran into the chamber.

Boy: Sir! Sir Arthur!

Arthur: Hmm? And who are you?

Boy: I'm from England sir, and-

Serf: England? I say we giv' em the guillotine!

Arthur: Quiet you! What do you have lad?

Boy: A message! From the King 'a England himself.

Arthur: Hmm. . .

Arthur began to read the note, and then his face lit up with surprise.

Arthur: Blast!! The English are giving us 24 hours to give up our land!

Chancellor: What are we to do sir?

Arthur: I guess we have no choice. . .

Boy: A war? With England? Ha, ha, ha, don't make me laugh sir!

Serf: What? How dare you!

The serf grabbed the boy and pulled out a short sword.

Boy: Ahh!!

Arthur: You! Put him down!

Suddenly the crowd grew anxious and began to shout hysterically.

Loyalists and Serfs: Yeah! Gut the boy! Kill 'em!

Arthur: Stop this at once!

Chancellor: Let's have order!

Suddenly the boy fell into the crowd of people. . .and came out with a slit throat.

Arthur: Dear god!

Arthur immediately chose four men who were the closest to the boy and arranged them to be hanged for the death of the child. Three hours later the King of England, King Henry heard that the boy was killed.

Henry: What? How dare they take the life of an innocent boy! The bastard cowards!

Advisor: I say we fight them now sir and overpower them!

Henry: That's exactly what we'll do. Let it be known throughout the kingdom! We are going to war with Camelot!

Advisor: Yes sire.

In the shadows of King Henry's chamber, there was a messenger sent by Arthur, but he did not give the message to the King Henry. He ran back to Camelot to let Arthur know about Henry's plan.

Arthur: What? Are you sure?

Messenger: I kid you not sir, I am speaking only the truth!

Arthur immediately left the chamber, and everyone was puzzled.

Chancellor: Sire, where are you going?

Arthur: To the Round Table. Inform the knights.

Chancellor: Uhh, yes sire.

~ Musical fanfare plays in the background ~

Arthur: Good afternoon my warriors of the Round Table. As you know we are now entering war with England. I need you four to train our knights to the fullest until the English invade.

There were four warriors: three men and one woman. One man's name was William; he was an excellent swordsman whose choice sword was the broad sword. The next two, Marcus and Theo, were expert swordsmen with the standard long sword. The last, a woman named Claire; she was an expert with a bow and arrow. All of these warriors were only in their mid- twenties, younger than most average knights.

Four Warriors: Yes sire!

~ Scene changes to Deimos' lair ~

Deimos: Start the merge, Krell.

Krell: Heh, heh, yes sir.

Krell pulled the lever and watched the world of Camelot tear away.

Arthur: My good people of Camelot! We are now at war with- * WHOOSH!! *

Suddenly a blast of wind entered the castle, and right before everyone's eyes, the castle was getting distorted until it completely disappeared, along with everyone of Camelot.

~ Scene changes. . .and a seagull flies above the ocean blue. . . ~

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