Chronicle Warriors- - -Clash of the Eras

Chapter 2- - -A Pirate's Tale

Shoppe Owner: Come back here ya' damned seadog! Give me back that knife!

The owner of the General Shoppe was chasing down a young boy named Samuel Tell. Samuel was no older than 17; he wore a raggedy, white, sleeveless shirt under a red vest. He had basic brown boots with black pants and a belt with a rusted gold buckle. He wore a red bandana over his black hair, and let two small tails of hair come down under his bandana and over his eyes. He wasn't too big a person. He was about 5'9 in height, and he was quite skinny, but not too skinny. He looked like a wannabe pirate even though he used to be an actual pirate for a year.

Sam: Sorry sir! But I gotta look out for numba' one!

Samuel snickered and continued to run down towards the outskirts of town. He ran down past the vast sea, through the fields and into a bushel of trees. He had a little hideout in the trees behind town- - -not much to it though; a pitched up tent, a pot and pan here, some spare clothes there.

He didn't care much though about where he slept, but he loved the scenery from his hideout during the day. He would lie down on the grass on his back, smelling the salty sea air, letting the wind flow through his hair. He even appreciated the gentle "caw" of the seagulls above the trees.

Sam: * Sniff * Ahh, gotta love the open air. Huh? Crap! It's almost sundown!

Samuel reached into his tent and pulled out a long blade.

Everyday at sundown, Samuel would practice his sword wielding techniques for an hour. He was as good as any other older pirate, maybe even better. He had a small gun from his pirating days, and he also had a small but crude knife that he just lifted from the General Shoppe, but he always practiced with his very special, custom-made blade. It wasn't like a normal pirate's curved blade; it was straight, long, and made of platinum. The handle was carved out of a fine wood, and the hand guard was made using half of a coconut shell. It was a fine blade indeed.

Sam: Hiyah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hiyah!

With a roundhouse slash, a jab to the left, a jab to the right, and a full spin Samuel continued to master his sword. He used to be a pirate for one year, but he was chased out for stealing something important. That didn't stop him from practicing with his sword, because when you lift from, steal from, and deceive people as much as Samuel did you would never know when you would need to be able to defend yourself.

An hour passed by, and Samuel put down his sword.

Sam: Whew! That was a good round of training for today. But man---whew! I need to take a bath! I'm beginning to offend myself.

Samuel took off his clothes and hung them by his tent. He sneaked towards the beach outside of his little hideout. He jumped in and began to swim around frantically.

Sam: Ahh, I almost love an evening swim as much as I love the open sea air.

Samuel swam for quite a while, in fact he lost track of time. He always tried to get to sleep at 11:00 because he needed to wake up somewhat early. You can always count on the General Shoppe to be open in the morning, just ripe for the picking.

Sam: Okay, enough swimming for now. I'd better get back now.

Samuel hopped along to his little hideout. He was glad it was dark, because he was naked---I mean he did just take a bath or swim or whatever you want to call it.

Sam: . . .Huh?

When Samuel arrived back at home base, he noticed that his pots and pans were all scattered across the floor. And his clothes were missing!

Sam: What?!! My clothes! My stuff! What happened?!!

Suddenly Samuel noticed that there was movement behind him. He jumped behind his tent and shouted at the person.

Sam: Who's there?!!

He drew out his sword and stepped out from behind his tent.

Suddenly, a girl stepped out. No older than 16, I believe. She had short, dark brown hair, and she was about an inch or two shorter than Samuel. Her eyes were quite a nice shade of blue. She had on some rather raggedy clothes; a torn white shirt with buttons, and thin, light brown pants. She had on no shoes. She wasn't a goddess, but she was kind of cute actually.

Sam: ??? What did you do with my stuff? Did you steal anything? I swear if you stole anything, I'll cut ya a new-

Suddenly the girl began to laugh hysterically.

Sam: Huh? What? You don't think that I'm serious?

She then spoke.

Girl: Hee hee! It's kinda hard to take you serious when you look like that!

Sam: What?. . .!!!

Samuel jumped behind his tent and his face turned bright red. He just remembered that he was still naked!

Girl: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Sam: Grr. . .

Girl: Eh heh, don't worry; you're actually kinda cute.

Sam: Uhh. . .look, put back whatever you took, okay? And there will be no trouble. And one more thing:

Girl: What?

Sam: Give me back my damn clothes!

Girl: Umm. . .no!

Sam: What? Why not?

Girl: I like you like that! * She said, smiling with her eyes closed * Okay, but you have to come over here and get them!

The girl began to laugh her head off, while Samuel just grumbled to himself. He told her to turn around while he grabbed his clothes. He put them on quickly and turned his attention back to the girl.

Sam: Ahem. . .now, did you take anything?

Girl: No, don't worry. I just needed a place to stay and then I saw this little setup out here.

Sam: Well this little "setup" is mine so go away.

The girl began to raise her voice.

Girl: Why?!

Sam: Shhhh!!! Quiet down! If the people hear you they'll find me and I'll be hanged!

Girl: Hanged? Why?

Sam: Uhh. . .

Samuel didn't want to tell the girl that he was a common thief.

Sam: Because they're rotten people! They just hate me for some reason!

Girl: Hee hee!

The girl began to giggle.

Sam: What are you giggling about?

Girl: Come on, the people in town hate you, and this fancy little gun? You must be a thief!

She held up Samuel's gun.

Sam: Huh?! You're the thief! I knew you took something! Give me back my gun!

The girl just inspected it.

Girl: Hmm, this is an older model, probably made at least seven years ago.

Sam: Huh? How did you know that? Only-

Girl: Only pirates know that, right?

Sam: Yeah, but, * He began to laugh * you're anything but a pirate, miss, heh heh.

Girl: What?!!

Sam: Hmm? Don't tell me that you are a-

Girl: I'm going to be the world's first real woman pirate! Not to mention the best!

Sam: A woman pirate? Heh---heh---HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Samuel held his laughter for a second or so, and then he began to burst out in laughter.

Girl: Laugh all you want you idiot, but I will be the world's first woman pirate ever known to sail the seven seas!

Sam: Heh, heh. Okay, now say that you do become the world's first real woman pirate, well then that's all good and everything but. . .but you won't be the world's best pirate.

Girl: Why is that?

Sam: Because I am going to be the world's greatest pirate!

Girl: You? That's even funnier than me being the first woman pirate.

Sam: By the way, what's your name?

Girl: Valerie Maine.

Sam: Ha ha ha!!! "Look out! It's that blood-thirsty pirate---VALERIE!!!"

Samuel began to burst out in laughter once again.

Val: Whatever; look, can I stay here with you, at least tonight?

Sam: Why? So you can steal more stuff? Which reminds me; give me back my gun!

Val: Whatever.

She gave him his gun.

Sam: * Sigh * Look, if you really want to stay then you can sleep outside.

Val: What? I'm a lady; you should offer me your tent.

Sam: Ha ha! You're hardly a lady Valerie.

Val: That's Miss Maine to you!

Sam: Oh, feisty are we?

Val: Shut up and get out of my way!

Valerie pushed Samuel out of her way and went to sleep in his tent.

Sam: Geez. . .

Nightfall came, and Samuel went to sleep outside of the tent.

~ Morning comes, and the seagulls wake up Samuel ~

Sam: * Yawn * Man, sleeping in a tent is a lot better than I thought.

Val: Shh! Shut up! They'll hear you!

Sam: Who?

Val: The owner of the General Shoppe.

Sam: Huh? What did you do?!

Val: I, uhh, I kinda tried to sell that gun of yours to him. . .but-

Sam: You what?!! Damn, and I trusted you! But why is he after you?!!

Val: Well, when I tried to sell it to him, he recognized it and thought that I worked with you. Your rep is worse than I thought, mate.

Shoppe Owner: There they are! Get them!

The Shoppe owner and some other town's people started to run down towards Samuel and Valerie.

Sam: Damn! We gotta get out of here! Come on!

Samuel jumped up and darted out of the trees, until he realized that Valerie wasn't falling him. He came back.

Sam: What are you waiting for?

Val: I'm barefoot! I can't run through this place!

For some reason, Samuel felt as if he should help her out.

Sam: God! Look, here, where my other pair of shoes!

Val: Eww! You've put your dirty feet in these!

Sam: Goddammit you've seen me naked! You should have no problem wearing these shoes!

Val: Fine!

Valerie put on the shoes and began to run with Samuel. They darted out of the trees and towards the beach.

Shoppe Owner: Stop thieves! I'll teach you to steal from me again!

Valerie and Samuel treaded slower as they ran through the sand.

Val: Uhh, uhh, what are we going to do?

Samuel looked out into the sea and saw a boat readying to leave.

Sam: I think we'll have to borrow a boat.

Val: You mean steal one?

Sam: Heh, we are pirates, right? Heh.

Valerie just smiled and nodded. They darted off towards the boat and snuck around the people loading it.

Sailor: That's the last of the goods. Are we ready to set sail?

Sam: Unfurl the sails! * He said in a gruff voice *

Sailor: Unfurling the sails.

The sailor unfurled the sails and turned to Samuel.

Sailor: The sails are---huh? Who are you?

Sam: The new captain---thank you for this boat! Ha!

Sailor: Ahh! * Splash *

Samuel threw the sailor into the water, and sailed off with the boat.

~ A Caribbean tune plays in the background ~

Sam: (And so my real journey begins. . .)

Val: (And so my real journey begins. . .)

Both: (To be the best!)

The town's people stopped at the edge of the water and began to shout out at Valerie and Samuel.

~ Scene changes to Deimos' lair ~

Deimos: Now Krell, begin the final step of merging.

Krell: Yes sir.

Krell pulled the lever on the machine for the last time.

~ Scene changes back to the sea. . .and Valerie and Samuel sail into the horizon until their world is torn apart ~

A/N: So, now both worlds have been disturbed---who will survive? The knights? Or the pirates? No one knows for sure, but there is one thing I am certain about: the unholy game will begin shortly. . .R/R! Thanks a bunch!

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