Eleanor didn't eat.  She only bathed and put on a nightgown, her nightgown.  Eleanor drank some water but nothing else.  The maids were frantic, saying they'd be killed if Eleanor didn't eat.  So, for their sake, Eleanor took a bite or two of some bread and chicken.  Imprisoned in her room, Eleanor was unable to go anywhere.  Her windows were barred and her door locked and guarded.  Eleanor didn't have the strength to cry.  She just sat by the window, staring out at a world that didn't exist.  Perhaps this is all a dream…perhaps I'm still dreaming…perhaps I'm still on the island with Abe…Eleanor closed her eyes, the sounds of the waves filling her head. 


            My dear family,

                        I have no clue how you are and I must apologize for my lack of parenthood.  I admit I ran in cowardice.  I was not worthy to be a father of such a large and healthy family.  So, to fill that role, I'd gone out into the world to make myself worthy.  And I hope, by the hand of God, that I have deemed worthy of your love and affection…and my role as your father.  Much of my fortune is waiting for you all here in Bristol.  I'm afraid, however, that I have taken too long on my journey of redemption for I am ill and not able to live much longer.  I know it was sudden, and I know it is strange, and I know it's hard to accept, but please, please come see me one last time.  I long to see my family…the very people I've been working so hard for.  Please, as a first and last request.  I've included the tickets for your trip.  There is no need to pack heavily.  I don't believe you'll be staying very long.  But my heart will be at ease once more the moment I lay eyes on my wife and my grown children.  Then and only then will I allow God to take me into his kingdom.  Please, please take this to heart.  I apologize from the deepest most bottom part of my heart.

                                                                        Father and Husband

            Abe thrust the paper at Peg before he was able to crumple it up.  He looked up when there was a knock on the door.  "I'll get it," Berry said softly, getting up.  Abe moved his gaze to the fire in its hearth and stared, stared at the dancing flames that threw shadows across everywhere. 

            "The tickets' for the next ship in four days." Peg informed softly. 

            "He sent more than enough," Cecile noted.  Daphne stayed quiet, studying her brother.  Daphne had never seen her father.  She was born after he'd left.  She had no affection for him whatsoever and was only concerned with what Abe felt.  At the moment, he looked furious, almost ready to burst. 

            "So, our father's alive and he wants to see us before he dies…" Zachary said with a sigh, leaning back in his seat.  Abe pulled out a pipe and lit it, puffing in and out. 

            "Ye can all go and see him.  I have no wish to do such a thing." Abe muttered, still staring into the fire.  Yvette and Cecile turned to Peg with worried faces.  Peg sighed, her eyes watering. 

            "Dear Abe, I do not planning on coming back to Virginia.  I long to stay in Bristol until your father's passing and after.  We must look after his estate." Peg said softly. 

            "He never asked us to look after his estate after his death!!!  Why must ye?  Our home is here, in Virginia!" Abe shouted, turning to his mother.  Peg closed her eyes. 

            "I long to be buried with your father, Abe," Peg replied softly.  Abe's heart shattered.  He saw the years of age and burden on his mother's face.  His mother was getting old and dying as well. 

            "Damn it all to hell!!!" Abe bellowed, pulling back his arm to punch the wall again. 

            "We got a letter from the governor and it's specifically sent for you, Abe," Berry called out softly.  Abe looked up at the black envelope.  Berry walked over and handed it to him.  Abe took the envelope, broke the seal, and skimmed through it.  He froze.  Abe went back to the beginning of the letter.  He shut his eyes and dropped the letter.  He briskly walked away, grabbing his coat.  He needed to go for a walk. 

            "Abe!  Abe!" Daphne called out. 

            Abe stormed out of the house and onto the streets.  Daphne ran after him and stopped at the gate, watching Abe walk away.  She sighed and watched him disappear. 


            "You mustn't be so glum, dear.  After all, it's our wedding." Don said as he walked into the room.  The maids exited and Eleanor was alone in the room with Don.  Eleanor didn't move and stayed where she sat for the past three days.  "Eleanor," Don called out.  He moved towards her and sat beside her.  He grabbed a hold of her chin and turned her face so that she faced him.  He scowled.  "You look horrific.  You better not look like this on our wedding day, Eleanor.  It is tomorrow.  You must eat and get some rest or I'll shove the food down your throat for you.  Shall we dine together?"

            "Go to hell," Eleanor whispered.  Don chuckled and then laughed. 

            "Do not be so stupid, Eleanor Fowler." Don exclaimed.  Eleanor frowned at the sound of her new name.

            "Don't call me that." She said weakly.

            "Well, at least you have strength enough to talk." Don said, getting up.  He moved towards the door and turned back to look at her.  "If you try anything stupid on our wedding day, Eleanor, I'll see to it that someone will pay.  And I assure you that that someone will not be so happy what I have in plan for him."

            The moment the door shut, Eleanor's eyes grew wide.  Don was talking about Abe.  "No!" Eleanor cried out, bolting fro the door.  Her legs failed her and Eleanor collapsed.  Her tears spilled and Eleanor lay helpless on the floor.  "No!  No…leave him and his family alone…" she wept weakly. 


            Abe sighed and looked up at the night sky.  Roaring out in anger, he kicked a nearby barrel and shattered it.  He stuffed his hands in his pockets and sulked down the street.  Eleanor was getting married to Don.  Even better, their marriage was on the day his family was sailing out to England.  So, he either stayed for the wedding and be forever tormented by their marriage here in Virginia, or he left for England and deal with his father and have no other choice but to forget about Eleanor.  Abe shut his eyes.  Why did things have to be so difficult?!  Things weren't so bad before.  He liked his quiet life.  Why now? 

            Abe turned to look at the sea.  Life seemed much more simpler on that island.  He liked it where he was allowed to block everything else in the world and the only thing concerning him was Eleanor.  If he could, he would strand Eleanor and himself on an island once more. 

            With a sigh, Abe headed back home. 


            This was the day.  This was the day Eleanor was going to get married to Don Fowler.  Eleanor stood limp with her arms hanging by her sides as the maids dressed her.  They powdered her face and neck and pulled on the chemise.  Eleanor didn't bother to try and save herself from it.  They pulled and pulled until Eleanor felt one of her ribs would crack but Eleanor still did not protest.  They pulled her hair tight and concealed it with a large white wig.  Eleanor's neck strained with the weight but she did not complain.  They finished it off with a large, white plumed hat with a lacey veil that covered her face.  They led her out the room and down the stairs and into a white carriage adorned with roses and lace.  Don was nowhere in sight.

            Don, as a matter of fact, was already at the wedding ceremony, waiting for the arrival of his bride.  The whole of Virginia was invited and they all stood, waiting and talking excitedly.  Many wanted their hands with Don in marriage and were curious as to who won his affections.  Among the crowds was Abe.  He was no longer in his uniform but just comfortable attire.  He was going to be sailing, anyway.  The rest of his family were packing and heading towards the docks.  Abe didn't have much time.  Abe scoffed as he watched Don pace around.  Abe wouldn't have been surprised if Eleanor didn't come at all.  At least she was alive, though…

            Trumpets and drums sounded as the white carriage arrived.  Abe straightened up, peering over the heads of others.  He pushed his way through so that he in front row of the aisle Eleanor would be walking by.  He watched as the door opened and Eleanor was escorted out.  Abe almost didn't recognize her.  She was in a dress again with feathers and a wig.  Her walk down the aisle was slow and all was silent, gazing upon her in wonder.  Abe watched and studied her, noticing how her chest barely moved from her breathing.  Was she even breathing?  Or was she slowly killing herself and this was her walk of death?  Abe wet his lips as she passed by.  Abe closed his eyes as her scent filled his nostrils.  He opened them and stared after her. 

            Don was grinning from ear to ear, waiting patiently.  The monk and the rest of the clergy were already prepared.  As Eleanor stepped onto the platform, Abe stared with longing eyes. 

            Eleanor felt intimidated with the fact that Abe had attended the wedding.  From the smirk on Don's face, he knew it as well and it was obvious that Abe's presence was Don's doing.  Eleanor swallowed, her throat suddenly dry.  Her ears did not register the monk's words.  Her eyes did not register Don's smiling face anymore.  All she saw was Abe and the beach, the island they were stranded on.  Her ears filled with the sound of waves and Abe's deep voice and laughter.  Physically, she stood before Don and the rest of Virginia.  But in her head, she was far, far away in an unknown tropic land with Abe.  Her eyes stung with tears and she felt her knees shake. 

            If one was to notice her discomfort, it was Abe.  He saw the change in her posture.  Abe's heart raced, his fists clenching into fists and his palms slick with the layer of perspiration.  Just give me a sign, Ellie!  Just one sign and I'll rescue ye…I will not watch ye be taken away a second time…

            Eleanor's breathing grew heavier as Don lifted her veil.  Don saw that her cheeks were flushed and that she was constantly wetting her lips.  She was nervous.  Don grinned.  Don wanted to chuckle went a sob escaped Eleanor's lips. 

            The sob was good enough for Abe.  He bolted up the aisle, everyone else gasping and murmuring at his action.  "Ellie!" Abe shouted.  Eleanor turned her head, her eyes wide.

            "Abe, no!!!" Eleanor cried out loudly.  Don stepped down, drawing out his sword.  Abe smirked, drawing his one sword which was concealed under his traveling cloak.  Their blades met with a loud clash.  Eleanor was shedding tears, not wanting to watch but she had no choice, her eyes glued on Abe.  "Abe," she breathed out.  Abe already got a cut on his cheek but he didn't seem to notice.  The crowds screamed as they ran to get out of the way.  Don attacked fiercely, striking at Abe over and over again.  Abe managed to block every move but Don was too fast to allow Abe an offensive attack.  Abe growled and kicked out, tripping Don.  Don's eyes grew wide and he fell forward.  He stiffened and so did Abe.  Abe's face was expressionless as his arm took the new weight.  Don had fallen right on Abe's sword.  Blood spilled from Don's mouth and he let out a breath, his eyes wide. 

            Eleanor had her face in her hands and had not seen it.  She looked up from the silence of the crowds and saw Don with a sword through him.  Eleanor's eyes grew wide.  Abe turned around and wiped the blood from his hand.  He was bleeding from the side but he didn't seem to notice.  "Abe," Eleanor whispered.  Abe gave her a lopsided grin and opened his arms for her.  "Abe," Eleanor breathed out, picking up her skirts and running towards him. 

            Abe's smile grew wider, seeing her anxious face as Eleanor ran towards him.  He froze when Eleanor gave him a resounding slap instead.  Shocked, he looked down at her.  She was frowning deeply with her tear-stained face.  "You arrogant fool!  Who ever asked you to save me?!  Do you want to get killed?" Eleanor shouted.  Too shocked to say anything, he just stared down at her. 

            "Ellie, I…I just…"

            "Maybe you don't care if you die but I care…I care terribly, even if I don't want to!!!  I can't help it!" Eleanor shouted, the tears coming again.  Abe saw that her face was softening and his shock wore away.  "Abe, you dumb, conceited, self-centered buffoon…if you died, I'd be miserable and I'd have to go with you!  I've walked without you and I now know how…how…I…" Eleanor's tone had died and she lowered her eyes, her mouth parted in silence.  Abe smiled gently and cupped her chin, bringing her face up. 

            "Ye didn't finish," he said softly.  A tear escaped from the corner of her eyes and Eleanor wet her lips. 

            "Oh Abe, I need you.  Without you…there's nothing else for me.  I've lost so much…I don't think I can lose anymore!" Eleanor cried out, flinging herself on Abe, wrapping her arms around his neck.  Abe closed his eyes and smiled widely, wrapping his arms around her tightly.  Her body shook with her sobs, the tears spilling onto his shoulder.  "Abe, I love you." Eleanor whispered.  Abe, upon hearing those words, buried his face deeper into the curve of her neck and squeezed her tight.  He pulled away and looked into her shining emerald eyes.  She was smiling, despite her tears.  "I love you miserably, you great buffoon." Eleanor repeated.  Abe's smile was as wide as it could be and he swept Eleanor up in a mighty kiss, robbing Eleanor of her breath

            When Abe pulled away, leaning his forehead on Eleanor's, Eleanor let out a teary sigh.  "And I love you too, Eleanor.  But do ye love me enough to go back to England with me?  To Bristol and my father?" Abe asked, looking deep into her eyes.  Eleanor smiled. 

            "Abe, I'd be willing to go the edges of the earth with you." Eleanor replied.  Abe grinned. 

            "My family's a hearty lot to deal with, y'know…"

            "Oh, I think I've tamed the wildest of you Orahamms." Eleanor stated, grinning widely.  Abe threw back his head and laughed. 

            "Don't think ye've won yet, missy.  Ye've got a long way to go." Abe said, sweeping Eleanor up in his arms. Her wig and hat fell, causing Eleanor and Abe to laugh.  Her hair free in the wind, her arms wrapped around Abe's neck, Eleanor felt free and her heart free of her burdens.  Abe carried her off to the port where the rest of his family was waiting. 

            Abe shouted out to his family and Daphne looked up from loading the package.  She smiled and nudged Zachary.  Abe was carrying Eleanor and Eleanor was waving at them.  Daphne smiled and waved back.  Bart came up and sighed, rubbing the back of his head.  "This family just gets bigger and bigger, doesn't it?" Bart muttered as Abe came to join them.

            "Let's all go home, shall we?" Abe exclaimed.  Daphne grinned from ear to ear. 

            "I think that's the only thing we'll ever agree on together, Abe!"

            "Git over here, ye mutt," Abe snarled, dropping Eleanor.  Eleanor fell with a thud and a surprised cry as Abe went off up the ramp chasing the giggling Daphne.  Eleanor watched and smiled, helped up by Zachary.  It felt like home right where she was.  She was happy.  She was free.  She was in love.  Abe laughed and waved at her from the ship.  "Come on!" he shouted, "Ye don't want to get left behind, do ye?"


                                    .+~+:*:+~:THE END:~+:*:+~+.


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