On The Cross

I watch, as tears run down my face,
That gentle man, so full of grace,
Strung up there for all to see,
I know he's doing it for me.

I cry and weep, but it's too late,
He's always known that it's his fate,
His fate to die for all our sins,
So heaven may now let us in.

Resigned to wearing the painful crown,
So now we all may kneel down,
And worship he who saved our lives,
In spite of how he had to die.

I wish with all my heart, I'd tried,
To live a much more worthy life,
A life to make my saviour proud,
Instead of letting Jesus down.

Our Lord lets out a final shout,
And now we can no longer doubt,
This man is the truth, the way,
And in his arms, we'll always stay.