ARE YOU PEOPLE MAD??????????? I don't mean to come off as a bitch, but ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

I know that Aram starts out as the bad guy. I can deal with that. After all, I write his thoughts and words. But honestly, we're trying to change him. When the story starts he's a complete and total man-bitch (as MWFS and I like to say) that abuses slaves and takes everything for granted. I know you hate him from the start. You're supposed to hate him. But he completely changes when he lays eyes on Atira. He lets her get away with more than any other slave had before. He actually admits that he cares for her! Damnit! Shouldn't that count for something? We're trying to STOP the arambashing. Don't you get it? How can we make him a good guy (which we need to do for the end we have planned out to work) if the readers won't accept him as one?

I'm trying my best to evoke the right emotion. I'm trying to get some pity here! I mean come on!!! He acts all brotherly! He actually tries to console his sister!!! Shouldn't that get a few "awww"s? He hugs her! C'mon! How many times could he have hugged somebody or been hugged by somebody in his life? I can guarantee his father never did! His mother might have, once or twice. But do you think these people actually sit there and raise their own kids? C'mon! Think about it! Of course she didn't spend day and night tending the kids! She's a friggin queen! As for his sister, why would he have hugged her before this? She grew up with parents that were too busy and a brother that was learning how to handle slaves and other problems. He was too busy learning to be a hard-ass to take time and be a softie with his lil' sis. That's why she's so goddamn cold! She's never known love! So here he comes and consoles her. He hugs her! Says that he does love her! And then when she says everything goes great for him.. you people have no clue. Have you ever sat and thought about it???? Have you ever thought, "hey.. maybe it's harder than I think it is."??? Hmmm???? Why hasn't it occurred to you arambashers that maybe he has a tough time? I'm trying to evoke some sympathy and you guys still want to get at him!

Honestly, I don't think you'll be happy until he's gone on a rampage and gotten himself killed. He's not the bad guy anymore. He's openly said that he likes Atira (even if just to Lukas). Karmina knows it, and believe it or not, she's about to try her hand in matchmaking (sorry MWFS, I have to say that much at least).

Fact of the matter is, this is a romance novel. Whether you like it or not, we created Aram and Atira for the sole purpose of falling in love. They're going to fall in love eventually. Aram is the good guy whether you like it or not, so GET ON BOARD WITH THE IDEA!!!!!

I'm sorry that I yelled about this, but I've had enough. That was the last straw. The Arambashing has got to stop.