(This poem was inspired by a cat I made from paper mache and a t-shirt bought in 1992. He's a purple Siamese with wings, and eyes made of decorator's stones. He lives in a box in my closet. For other winged cats, see Ursula K. LeGuin's Cat Wings)

Cat Of Childlike Faith

Swirling purple in your fur
How did you come alive from paper?

Silky wings, aqua paw pads, iridescent eyes
What mysteries do you know?

Beautiful little boy cat
Do you love with child-like heart?

You are innocence and sweet laughter.
Do you purr when you fly?

While you sit regally on my shelf
Are you full of questions as am I?

You stare at the kitty picture on my shirt.
What do you see?

Your big round eyes match the t-shirt kitten's longing.
Can you read the kitty's words?

"The Lord is coming soon.
For me, too?"

I see the question in your sweet sparkling eyes and purple face.
::Mama, will Jesus come for me?::


::I Am Coming Soon::