By Goth-girl

Let me go

Why should I still love you?

I don't know?

Of one good thing you can do

You ruined my adulthood

You tainted my future

Now I can live like I should

Without your torture

It's unbelievable

What you did


I'm taking our kid

I don't care anymore

I beg to be free

Kneeling on the floor

Please let me be

Never again will you hurt me

I'm leaving forever

I'm not blind, I can now see

It's now or never

I've told those who care

It's not my fault

Your behavior isn't fair

I bring you to a hault

My parents knows too

They've called the police

They'd never put you

Before their daughter, you must cease

I had to leave a note

To say goodbye

The worst thing I ever wrote

Our romance was a lie

You're going to jail

I'll go against you in court

You know you can't pay bail

On money, we were always short

I'll win this case

Your large fist

Fits the bruise on my face

My evidence does exist

So, ignore this letter

Like you ignored my tears

Things never got better

You confirmed my fears

Go waste your money

On drugs and booze

You think it's so funny

But this is the life you choose

And when our court day comes

You'll be what you are

One of the slimy, sleazy bums

Your statement won't go too far

I'm going to take our child

Raise her strong, and smart

Not like you, disgusting and wild

It's definitely a start

I can't make up for what you've done

The pain you've caused

The times we've had to run

My life was paused

But now that you're gone

I can finally push play

Every dawn

A bright, new day