Claimer: well. I won't say the character is mine. But the arrangement of words is ^_^

Inspired by Emberyle's story "Ricochet". My first impressions on the dragon-character and the surroundings and such with the first couple of paragraphs. Read the fic! First posting!!

Dragon in the Forest

Rain leaps in frightened shivers

Slide and slither off a back of scales

He is unperturbed and watches

The sky fall into pieces

While he waits to gather the shards

Eyes red like the passing

Of a one too many hours

Spent in idle solitude

The friendless and the lonely

Claws pierce

The ground beneath

They could be cruel if he had wanted

He wanders through these woods at night

Looking for a reason

Looking for a wish to make

Elusive silver and fox-like smoke

Careful watch, he's here to find

Even if he's lost in searching.

His scales are black and glitter

Like onyx on the edge of knives

Frightens others but he lives

With the memory of an outcast

One whom the others shun

Content in their brighter colors

To forget the shadow that lingers

By day within their midst.

Flash and shiver

Echoes silver

He won't be going home tonight.

Whisper thunder

Howling winds

A rustle in the bush

He won't be going home tonight.

A/N: eek! I'm actually kind of nervous about this…so afraid to disappoint! I think this came out a little darker than I originally intended, and probably a little darker than the story intended too…but here it is…review and tell me what you think? ^_^;

Oh, and don't forget to go and read Emberlye's "Ricochet"…if for nothing else, to read the first few paragraphs and then tell me that I totally screwed up my poetic interpretation ^_^.