Legend of the Cursed Sword

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Chapter 1
How it Began

"So be it." The deep emitted voice echoed throughout the dark, empty chambers of the Forbidden Castle. "If you wish to serve Haji, so be it! You are shunned from these lands. Dare I see your face once more you shall face eternal sleep! Now be gone from my lands!" The voice rumbled deeply, and soon, a dark shadow ran past the opening gates. Away from the castle, it seemed. After all, it had been ordered to be away from these lands. So once more, the wanderer was left to journey these lands alone.


'I had traveled for so long and yet, every place I come to, I still feel alone. I figured there was no way to cure this feeling, so I decided to stay in this town, Lizaria. I have stayed here for a week, and have yet to make friends. I must say, I am not doing so well. I am stealing to keep myself in good condition. It's the only thing I could do...for now, at least. I hope to keep this up, for every day and night, I keep myself full of food.

It's been a week since I left the Forbidden Castle. I cannot get over the fact that I had been shunned from my homelands. It was there, from which I lived my whole life in. It was there I learned to be who I am now (though I am not sure whether to be proud or not). My wish is to go back to my family and stay there... I wish I didn't do what I did to make that happen... I now regret it. No matter how many times I say I don't, or deny it...I will always, always regret it.'

Kliin .Entry.No.1.

Kliin shut the book and set the pen down onto the wooden desk as he blew out the candle fire. He walked across the creaky floors and made his way to the shaggy board that made his bed. Kliin sat down quietly as his eyes gazed around the room. It was certainly empty. A bed, desk...that was it. Just a bed and desk. But of course there were also things for him to use such as a pen, pencil, candle, and his secret Forbidden Entry book (he just bought it. Only 1 entry in it, sadly). He sighed deeply before laying down, taking what few pieces of cloth he had to use as a blanket (which didn't even cover him all the way). He lay his head onto the bundles of clothes and immediately fell asleep. He was dead tired that night for he had done a lot of stealing. Kliin thought about leaving the next day. He would need items for his next long journey to the next town, wherever it was.

The sunrays shone brightly into his face the next morning. Kliin sat up as he shielded his eyes from the blazing light. Stretching, he gathered all his things into the small bag he held over his shoulder. Tired, he named all the things he had so as not to forget anything.

'Pen Pencil Candle Jar (of Kyons (money) both coins and paper) Belt (his pants are way to big for him) Boots (incase he runs into swamps or dung. XD) Dagger (protection or any other possible ways) Extra Clothes Gloves (used to aid him when it comes to stealing) Bandana (it looks cool on him. XP) Food (which happens to be stale, by the way)'

Kliin packed all the stuff into his bag, then let his hand run through his short, ruffled pure ebon hued hair. He rummaged through his stuff once more before stepping out the door when he suddenly remembered something important he didn't list off. His Forbidden Entry book! He blinked and fell on the floor, scurrying around to search for it. It wasn't on his desk...that was where it last was. It didn't seem to be on the floor, not the bed, not anywhere! He had lost it! Kliin gaped at himself, flushed. Where had his book gone?? He searched once more until he was fully convinced that it had walked off on its own. Either that or someone had stolen it! But no one knew where he lived, or knew HIM for that matter. He was just a stranger to everyone. They all judged him by first glance, not even caring to get to know him. He was a kind person who loved helping others. He always thought of them before thinking of himself. Kliin rarely lied in his life, but did only to help others. In general, he was a good guy, but by first glance, he looked like a hobo.

So Kliin set off on a journey away from Lizaria until he ran into Kalina, possibly his first friend...his first friend...who wasn't human. Kalina was an Arabian mare with a pure white pelt. The vixen's nose was splashed with an ebon hue along with her hooves. Her mane was a bright white, same as her pelt. She had a petite form, though she was awkwardly tall. Her eyes were a gentle brown. Kliin found Kalina wandering in the forest. She didn't look to be wounded or injured in any way. Runaway, was what Kliin thought she had done. And Kalina was what he named her. She didn't shy or run, or bare her teeth at him. She just cantered up to him as if she knew him. Kliin found Kalina a beautiful mare. She resembled much like the fabled Unicorns, but knew it could not be possible. If she was one, where was her horn?

So the onesome was now the twosome, journeying to somewhere, but who knew where? After all, life was just one big mystery, and frankly Kliin had started this journey to figure out the mystery of his life. He wanted to know what his purpose in life was. He thought it wrong to be a thief in life. It just didn't fit in with the whole life concept. There were leaders, sub-leaders, captains, guards, warriors, so on and so on. He was just a lowly thief with no purpose in life, as of yet.

Although Kliin knew talking to a horse was useless, he still did it anyway, to relieve whatever he had. Maybe stress, or maybe he was just hungry. Whatever it was, he always spoke to Kalina like she was human....like she would understand. And in some way, he sometimes felt she actually did understand him. But it was quite rare, that feeling.

So the journey continued, and of course, Kliin rode Kalina as a faster transportation. It was quicker this way (It takes a day (100%) to get to there, and if he rides Kalina, he would get to his destination in half the day (50%) or three quarters of the day (75%) which leaves him either half (50%) the day for R&R or a quarter (25%) of the day for R&R). Riding a horse WOULD be faster (to reach a destination) than maybe three quarters of the day, but Kliin disliked how others overused their creatures. He kept her at a steady trot/gallop pace as not to wear her out.

Half the day the two struggled on in the partly shady forest. As the two trudged on, they noticed things that a forest normally wouldn't have. There were no animals at all. During their half-day trip, they hadn't encountered any animals. Nothing at all. No animals, no bugs. It was quite unusual for Kliin, seeing how all the books he had read about them talked mostly of the animals living here. But it was empty. So there were no animals and there was only one trail. There was only one trail going down the middle and there was no possible way you could go through the sides. The bushes and trees grew too thick it was hardly possible to see anything past the sides.

Finally they reached their destination; Mikalu Tribe. As Kliin dismounted the mare, he looked around, wondering if anyone was there. Sighing heavily, he entered and peeked into each abode curiously. Finally, he walked back to Kalina with a tired expression. There was no one here. Kliin stood beside Kalina, debating whether he should stay or leave. Deciding to leave, he turned Kalina and started away when suddenly Kalina halted, surprising him. Why had Kalina stopped? Kliin looked around to see if anything scared or surprised her, but there was nothing but the usual 'only trail, nothing else'. Kliin rubbed the animals' boa encouragingly as he set off once more. Kalina, again, stopped. She seemed unwilling about his decision. She didn't want to leave.

So Kliin turned her back and headed for the tribe, rolling his eyes. He had no idea why she wanted to go back. There was nothing there but houses. Why would Kalina be interested in houses? She didn't even live in one! As the two headed back, Kliin suddenly noticed some person wandering around in the tribal area. He jumped excitedly, then called out to the person, holding up his hand. "Hey," Kliin called to them, watching, his eyes a bright azure blue. "Do you live here?" The person glanced his way, then dashed off. They seemed to be in a hurry to get to somewhere...or to run away from him. "H- HEY! Where are you going??" He shouted out, then got Kalina to gallop towards the person. Kalina galloped ahead of the person and turned, blocking the way. Kliin glared, obviously annoyed. "Why were you trying to run away from me?" He asked as soon as he calmed a bit. "I asked you a question, and I expect you to answer it."

"Yeah, so what if I don't?" Came the reply in a harsh tone. Kliin lifted a brow suspiciously. This person was obviously a girl. A girl with an attitude. He rolled his eyes thinking, pathetic, then sighed heavily.

"I'm just asking. Why, is it so wrong to ask? It's not some personal question that girls always get mad at. I don't see why you have to answer in such tone as that." Kliin continued to watch this girl. He couldn't see her well as a hood was covering her head, casting a shadow upon her face.

"I always talk like this, you got a problem with it?" She replied, looking up at him finally. Kliin watched her intensely. He saw black bangs and violet eyes from the shadow.

"Actually I do. I dislike people who talk like that to me. I find it highly rude." Kliin finally said, looking away, though he wanted to see her once more. Just one little peek...

"Then I guess you hate me. Well at least we have an understanding now. I hate you, you hate me. Can we get on with ours lives now?" The girl snorted, looking away in disgust. She had a look of pure hatred on her face that scared Kliin quite a bit. He suddenly knew he shouldn't mess with her.

"Alright fine. I'm new here though and I was wondering if you would show me around. And if possible, then stay here for a couple of nights. I have no other place to run to." Kliin grumbled softly, turning away. The girl glanced back at him with a soft expression. Kliin blinked, seeing how her expression changed so quickly. Awkward.

"Yeah, I guess. I was actually looking for something to do and well, I guess this isn't such a bad idea." The girl spoke softly now, glancing back to him. "So you want to stay for a couple of nights? Actually, there's not that many people here. Just me, Kairl (pro-nounced kay-il), Durc (pro- nounced dir-k), Mouse (pro-nounced Mau-ss), and now you. Kairl and Durc own the place. Mouse was the newest arrival until you showed up. Now we're all going to leave you behind in all the activities like we did with Mouse." Kliin looked at her, alarmed. She simply grinned at him teasingly, then started back to the tribe.

"So what's your name?" Kliin asked curiously, watching her atop from his mare. He should at least know her name, so he silently waited for her to reply to his question, following her at a safe distance.

"Call me Teria." She said, keeping her gaze locked onto the rode ahead. "That's short for Wysteria. I know it's a weird name, but that's what my parents called me, and I prefer using the name my parents gave me instead of some other crap. I mean, I used to be made fun of long ago, but," Teria cracked her knuckles with a rather large grin. "I got back at them." Kliin gulped as he silently heard her story, unable to say anything, afraid she would beat him up if he said the wrong thing. Teria turned her head his way with a wink. "Just remember not to mess with me." She said, her violet eyes glistening deeply.

"Alright, we're here. The others should be coming back soon. They went off to map some places." Teria led Kalina to a large, airy stable-lookalike and put her into a stall. She latched the door and turned to Kliin before looking about.

"Why didn't you go?" Kliin asked curiously, gazing to her. She looked so beautiful and yet, she was so dangerous.

"Didn't feel like it. And anyway, someone has to look after the homes, right?" Teria glanced his way with a small smile. "I am pretty strong, you know. Being a girl doesn't make me weak. Girls can be strong too." Kliin stared at her, wondering if he said anything that meant girls weren't strong. Teria grinned and pulled out her sword from a hilt hanging from her belt. "This is my weapon. It's a pretty darn good one at that. It's lightweight and has an easy grip. You can't ever forget to bring it because it's so shiny and it's tinted red. And no, it's not blood. I hadn't killed anything yet."

"Then why would you say you're strong if you've never actually seen yourself battle before?" He asked her, blinking. Teria turned her head abruptly, staring into his eyes with a deep, meaningful stare. He blinked once more before casting his gaze to the side to avoid hers. He kept quiet, asking things only to himself, for him to ponder.

"Because this sword is the Cursed Sword." She finally said, looking away. "This is the sword from the legend about the knight and the many evils he killed." Kliin immediately turned to her, shocked. Teria simply nodded. "It's no lie. This is the Cursed Sword, holder of the Dark Maiden, the most powerful evil of all evils. And I have her right here." She said, holding up the weapon with a small devilish smirk.

Chapter 1