Legend of the Cursed Sword

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Chapter 2

Kliin watched Teria as a sudden chill ran down his back. She kept her gaze upon the sword, which now lay in her open palms, staring, now silent. The two stood in a long period of silence, neither saying anything. Suddenly, he heard a soft voice emitting from her. She was mumbling something, though Kliin could not figure out what. Her voice steadily grew louder, louder until she came to a screaming pitch. Kliin covered his ears as he stared at her, bewildered. What was wrong with her? He stepped back as her voice suddenly stopped its horrid noises. Teria had her eyes still on the sword. Another cold chill ran down Kliin's back suddenly. Her head slowly turned and snapped his direction. Kliin fell back, obviously surprised and scared. Her eyes! They weren't the gentle violet hue anymore. It was as black as the midnight skies.

"T-Teria!" Kliin cried out, stepping back. She stepped forward and fell to the ground in silent, swift movements. The sword slipped from her palms, landing on the ground with a 'thud'. Her head turned to the sword as she lay on the bare ground. Kliin watched, too horrified to move. She reached her hand out to the sword slowly. Suddenly, Kliin nearly screamed out as he looked at her arm. There were cuts, bruises, scars all over her bare arm. What was this!? It hadn't been there before! "Teria!" Kliin screamed out as she stood up once more, now gripping onto the swords' handle.

Teria's eyes shimmered like glass as she narrowed them. Gripping onto the sword harder, she screamed out, racing to him as the sword lifted. Kliin watched her and jumped out of the way, tumbling onto the soft dirt lying before him. She stumbled past him, then snapped her head once more to his direction. Kliin flinched slightly as she watched him with her cold stare. Teria raced at him again, sword lifted. Kliin quickly stood up and looked around. He found a sturdy stick lying near him and lifted it up to block the attack. She hopped to the side and swung at his legs. Kliin swiftly jumped into the air, then landed back on his feet only to block another attack aimed for his side. "Teria!" He screamed her name once more as their weapons locked. He pushed her back effortlessly and dropped his stick. She stumbled back and fell to the ground, dropping her sword instantly.

Teria lay there on the ground silently. Her eyes were closed now, which made Kliin feel slightly safer. Suddenly, he heard voices a bit off. Three voices! His spirits lifted a bit, guessing he knew who they were. Kliin ran from the spot and towards the source of sound. He found three teens standing together, walking, and called out to them. "HEY! Help me! I need help!" The group turned to look at him and to his desperate cries of help. They followed him back to Teria where she continued to lay on the ground, seeming unconscious. "I-It's Teria! Something's wrong with her! You have to help her!" Kliin cried out, keeping his distance away from her. Kairl walked closer to Teria and kneeled down with a heavy sigh. Suddenly, a hand reached up and wrapped around Kairl's neck in a tight grip. Kliin jumped, alarmed by this sudden movement. "T-Teria! Stop it, you're going to kill her!" He screamed out in attempt to wake her from whatever state she was in. Kairl coughed softly, but did nothing, as if letting her self die.

"What are you doing?? Stop her!" Kliin screamed out urgently. Durc looked down at Kliin quickly, his eyes glistening a soft brown. His eyes spoke to him in the silence that now stood around them. [She knows what she's doing.] It said to him, as Kliin's own azure optics stared back. He didn't believe him...but he said nothing. Kairl slowly grabbed her dagger and, in one swift movement, slashed at Teria's arm. The girl opened her mouth in a scream-like state, but nothing was heard. She screamed silently as the pain ran through her, waking her. Teria sat up suddenly then looked around.

"Hey guys." She spoke as if nothing had happened. Teria winced, then looked at her arm. "What happened this time!?" She cried out, irritated. She got up and stomped away like her usual self would've probably done. The whole while Kliin watched in silence, mouth gaping open in astonishment.

"What...the...hell." He muttered, glancing at the other three who were grinning back at him. "What was wrong with her??" Kliin asked as the others stood up.

"I'll tell you later." Kairl spoke softly before turning towards the tribe. So the four walked in silence, pondering the whole time. As they reached the entrance, she turned to Kliin. "So what's your name?"

"I'm Kliin, and I was wondering if I could stay here for about a week." He answered, slowly forgetting about the horrifying incident. "I promise to leave after. Just a week, no more. Please?" Kliin begged. After a few grins, they all agreed and entered Mikalu. "So where do I stay?" He asked, looking for any signs of abodes.

"We stay in huts which is located in the eastern part of the tribe. The entrance is on the South while the exit is on the North. So our homes are in the East and the rest of the stuff is in the West. It's quite simple, actually." Durc replied with a grin on his face. "You'll get used to it pretty quickly, seeing how you only have to remember a few things." Kliin nodded, then looked around.

"So it would be on my left, correct?" Kliin asked as he looked from side to side. The other three nodded, then headed off to the east, to their home. Kliin followed them silently, lagging behind a bit. He remembered the incident earlier and shuddered, hoping it wouldn't happen again. But he knew it would, eventually. Kairl and the others seemed used to it by now...would he ever? He hoped so. He didn't like getting scared often. It was quite embarrassing.

"This is where you'll stay for the week." Kairl stood in front of a fairly large hut. Kliin nodded his thanks silently and walked inside, extremely tired. He looked around his new home and sighed deeply. He found a bed, two chairs, and a table. Kliin suddenly gasped as his eyes searched the table. His Forbidden Entry book! What was it doing here!? He ran to the desk and picked it up, as if seeing if it were real or not. It was real. He wasn't dreaming at all. Kliin smiled widely and set it back down onto the table. Then he took his bag and set it down onto the table before opening it to take out its contents. He set the candle on the table, jar, on the table, pen/pencil, bandana, gloves, and food on the table. He set his clothes beside his bed along with his boots. Kliin finally stretched and headed outside. Looking up, he saw it was almost 6:00 p.m. Evening was coming soon. He started walking, stopped, looked around, then headed west to the stables. Kalina would be hungry. He should feed her.

As he entered the stables, he found Kalina sleeping. Kliin sighed heavily, then leaned against the stable door, bored. "It was really scary back there, Kalina. You would've been spooked! At least I was, and that's uncommon. Heh, maybe not." Kliin went on and on, talking to the sleeping mare. The fae woke up once, snorted softly seeming uninterested in his stories, then fell back asleep. Kliin, taking the hint, stood up and shrugged, leaving. He wandered aimlessly in the western territory, looking to see if there was anything to do. As he trekked across, he found a bigger house and wandered in curiously. There were pans, bowls, sinks, drawers, and many more. The kitchen. Kliin knew it when he first saw the pans. It was quite obvious. He looked around the kitchen and found a smashed lizard on the counter. Backing away in disgust, he stuck out his tongue wondering what they ate here.

Finally he wandered into a much bigger room. Kliin found three rows of long tables and seats every few intervals away. He sighed seeing no one here, then sat on one of the chairs, bored. Sighing heavily, he dozed off.


Kliin finally awoke and found himself back in his temporary home. He sat up quickly, thinking he was in the dining hall. Looking around him, he found Teria sitting on a chair sleeping. He shivered slightly, remembering what happened. He was too sure he wanted to confront her now, but it was better than anything. Teria faltered slightly and awoke, looking up at Kliin. He grinned sheepishly. It was his way of hello to her. Teria sighed, casting her glance to the side. Kliin watched her silently, worried. Why hadn't she replied to his grin? He brought a chair and set it next to her's unwillingly. "Are you alright?" He asked, watching her. Teria lifted her head and looked to Kliin who shriveled back slightly. He expected to see the black optics, but instead, to his relief, it was the normal violet hue from when he first saw her. "What was that about?" He asked, full of curiosity. "Why did you look like that?" Teria just looked at him, as if she had no clue what he was talking about. Kliin raised a brow suspiciously and shrugged his "never mind". He would ask the others later. "So what are you doing here? Did you bring me here?"

"Yeah, falling asleep in the dining hall isn't exactly the best idea." Teria grinned, watching him. A wave of relief swept over Kliin as he watched her grin. She was back to her normal self, he hoped. "You know, it's haunted there." The wave stopped mid-way for Kliin as he heard this. He simply stared at her, confused. "The dining hall is haunted. If you sleep there, they'll steal your soul and you wouldn't even know it."

"What... Why? How? Who??" Kliin asked, standing up hearing he almost lost his life there. Teria sighed, gesturing for him to sit back down, which he did not do. She rolled her eyes and continued.

"I don't know why. And I just told you how. I don't know who they are. Mouse was sleeping there one afternoon and Durc and Kairl went looking for him. They found him asleep in the dining hall, but he looked pale! And they swore they saw something floating above him." Teria shrugged, watching Kliins expression. "I don't know, I believe them. They've never lied to me, and I know they wouldn't ever." She took out the Cursed Sword and turned it from side to side, looking at it. "Do you believe them?" Teria asked Kliin, turning back to him who shrank back.

"Yeah, I guess..." He mumbled, keeping his gaze upon the sword she held. Teria looked at him, then to her sword before putting it away. Kliin's heart calmed a bit as he saw her do that. "I don't think they would lie either. They don't look like the lying type." Teria nodded her agreement.

"All right, I gotta go. See ya, Kliin!" She stood up and waved at him before leaving. Kliin waved back as his heart leapt. He felt a bit safer now that she was gone...but he hated to stay away from her. She was so full of life...spunky... He loved to be by her...but he felt safer away. He was so lost by his feelings for her. What should he do?? 'Teria...' Kliin thought as he sat back on the chair, deep in thought.

Chapter 2