When I love you, you turn away/blind to my affection/so I let it all out,
screaming, using hate as my protection/from this pain you give, my hurting
inside/when I scream at you, I use that to hide/my emotions, are swirling,
tossing and turning/my heart is melting, but my eyes are burning/with hate,
or is it lust?/How can I trust, myself when I know that I'm lying/sick of
this trying, to please you, day after day/I'll leave you alone, why should
I stay?/But when I see your face, I stop and re-think/staying on the brink,
of my love-hate relationship/showing my anger, cant let that slip/my love
will never falter, can't resist your sweet charms/but I'm waiting for the
day when I'm right here in your arms.